14″ Telescope view of Jupiter Venus Conjunction, The Moon, Planetary Nebulae and Galaxies

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Dark Centre presents a sample of the views through a 14″ Lx200 from a light poluted urban environment.

Showing the alignment process, Jupiter, Venus, their recent conjunction and the Moon in raw unprocessed video footage filmed on a full frame DSLR.

Deep space images of M57 The Ring Nebula, M27 The Dumbbell Nebula, M51 The Whirlpool Galaxy and M102 The Spindle Galaxy.


किरन छेत्री says:

i wish i had that one. but 😣

alarupala says:

Is this all? 😀 😀 😀 Nikon Coolpix P900 ist better and kost 500 € 😀 😀 😀

robowis1 says:

great video where are the links for the music it was really good too

Christopher Morrissey says:

sure the cameras out today show the moon and stars better than that big old piece of shit.  you could have bought a pair of glasses and a camera and saved a whole bunch of cash. we should be able to see the man on the moon pissing on the rocks with that  big ass trash can.

Thierry Herreman says:

The Nikon P900 does a much better job.

dave jackson says:

Education has made people think they are smart intellectual people with no use for religion.. The first goal of nasa is destroy religion hmm anybody seeing whats going on? Freemasons.. Space.. The moon yeah this leaves no question we can populate mars lets believe the retards and ignore the people who say flat earth, or if its the other way around then? Lets populate mars in 10 years lets give up are world because a comet they say hit billions ago wen we was a rock btw an it killed everythin.. Lets believe everythings dead we cant even even explain how life happend twice but lets get ready to die again next comet to wipe us out will be a nuke it will be called exctinction and we can explain it in a class room in 1000 years from now

Bend Em says:

What time mark was the nebula 🌌???

Mr. Akki Messiah The Targeted. says:

That Scope looks very expensive.

eric villeneuve says:

nikon p900 is way stronger …

Cary Clan says:

Nice work, loved the music as well. I have a skinny telescope that is more of a tease. Space is so fascinating to see.

Jaden Lee says:

Seeing those loneely balls in space floating so dark witht he music was so beautiful and unsettling made me nearly cry for no legitimate reason… makes me feel so worthless…

Stefan Constantin Dumitrache says:

Where can we find the music online? A Soundcloud, perhaps? 'specially that instrumental.

Vito Hall says:

really liked the music to this too

tee6611 says:

could you do a video of Venus today please.

Sky Man says:

thought this was gonna be awesome. you just wanted to make a video and put some of your favorite music to it

Emillio Estaban says:

everything is stationary except the Sun Moon and Stars … never see the universe rotating…

W.T.H. says:

Amazing footage from 10:50 thanks 🙂

jhosimar bravo says:

12:12 neta la mejor toma de la Luna que eh visto en toda mi vida, ES ESPECTACULAR Y HERMOSOOO. MUCHAS FELICIDADES 🎊

69 Solo says:

Which Music is at 12:21???

* R3DN3CK * says:

why do you think you should be able to see so much detail in the moon, its supposedly 249,000 miles away, lmao.

Indrasish Banerjee says:

there is a certain calmness to your voice that I absolutely love. btw can you tell me the name of the musics used please? I suffer from insomnia and I believe that these easy listening tracks can help me sleep. I feel so sleepy after a looooonnng time after watching this video.

Echo Sevanz says:

NASA exposed! When will people wake up!

Lee Man says:

Did anyone else notice the stars visible through the moon at 12:02?

Voila Alleybat says:

can a the 14 inch telescope see space over the horizon? like if i go to the beach and point it parallel to sea level and raise it up about 20 feet?

Pelon Cito says:

Wow, just super, what a great display you have!!! Thank you. You know, Ive been fighting with my Synscan for years now. I cant align it…..Goes the opposite direction, I have a Synscan EQ5, and do you think I can get it to align, ish, whats the best way to collimate, setting up time and location, etc etc? Ive run out of ideas. My vids are done by manual control by operating the arrows… Any advise would be great! Thanks for posting, great vid!

Gregory M. says:

6:00 can watch.. very boring. sorry.

Trinity Williamson says:

YouTube ISS hoax.
200 proofs the earth is flat, Eric Dubay

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