A New Era in Astronomy: NASA’s James Webb Space Telescope

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In her public lecture at Perimeter on March 1, 2017, Dr. Amber Straughn of NASA provided a behind-the-scenes look at the James Webb Space Telescope. Watch more Perimeter public lectures: https://insidetheperimeter.ca/discover/public-lectures/


wooferz52 says:

what can I say but WOOOOW! amazing intelligence , Way to go "girl" ! well spoken and good looks , gotta love how life shows us how diverse we all are … and whats yet to understand

Locutus D'Borg says:

Great subject, kinda weak speaker, IMO. Really, really, really.

Mirek Heikkila says:

Wow, so awesome and great information! Aww i love the presenter too! Great talk, her voice was even cracking or such because she was so excited/emotional! ahh awesome lecture Dr. Amber Staughn!!

Bobby Goets says:

I love Great Dick, I mean Greg Dick

Nicholas Maude says:

What's up with her voice? She sounds nervous and it is very distracting.

Trump Troller says:

I want to take her to space with me. Something about them southern girls, yum

Trump Troller says:

Damn she got nice shape, I know she works out

Trump Troller says:

She needs some BBC in her life. She is beautiful. I want to stroke her hair with my face. She needs to make some mixed babies with me. Oh, and I love space.

Ismael Jr says:

So inspiring! Congratulations.

Marc R says:

Her point on why Hubble's images are beautiful, is awful 10:28 .

I thought at 11:13, she was going to say that at a deep subconscious level our brains are wired to enjoy pattern and symmetry.

buckpasser55 says:

When we see beyond what the Hubble can see with the ultra deep field, what if there is much much more then we ever anticipated. Then, a whole new theory of the beginnings of the universe will be out there. There are always surprises. We should know soon, sometime in 2019.

Henrik Wannheden says:

This lecture came to me on π-day.. Coincidence? I think not. Thank you Algorithm of Punnery!

Zombiefusion says:

excellent, All about consciousness and knowledge of All is GOD identifying himself.
we are he, we are part of the all. I LOVE SPACE, I LOVE HUMAN SPIRIT.

Schattenfaenger says:

I am afraid a small malfunction could cause the failure of the whole mission …

MrGoodkat says:

8 Billion dollars?? This Telescope is going to be much cheaper than Trump's upcoming gawdy wall. And about 8 billion times more useful. THIS is the kind of stuff we need to spend money on, not retarded political white elephants.

MrGoodkat says:

Lol, I think the old dude at 18:14 is snoozing.

Alex ander says:

If this thing blows up on the launch pad I think I will cry.

MrElvin04 says:

Thank you for great speach.

P.S. I think Aiden will work for PI later in life 😀
Defenetly in Physics field.

Jeff K says:

Very interesting and informative presentation. Thank you Dr. Staughn and PI!

Joseph Karpinski says:


vic plichota says:

Aidan's back, whoo-hoo! 🙂

Denis Goddard says:

Worst speaker ever for a PI talk. She would have been fine presenting to a grade school audience. But telling us that making the big telescope is "really hard" does not particularly inform the educated lay audience.

Anthony Dimino says:

I just love the enthusiasm of this young lady. Just a lovely person. We are in good hands
with people like this working on these incredibly complicated theories.

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