Astronomy Night at the White House on This Week @NASA – October 23, 2015

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The stars were out for the second-ever White House Astronomy Night on Oct. 19. Attendees included NASA Administrator Charlie Bolden, Deputy Administrator Dava Newman and Associate Administrator for Science, John Grunsfeld – as well as NASA’s commercial crew astronauts, who are training for future spaceflights from American soil on commercial spacecraft. President Obama hosted the event to give students an opportunity to stargaze and to promote Science, Technology, Engineering and Math or (STEM) education. Also, Social chat with Commercial Crew astronauts, Space station spacewalks previewed, SLS Critical Design Review completed, Heat shield testing completed and Exoplanet Week!


Mundir Mohammed says:

where is the man who will contact to world heads to save the world.
we have no time no time

Mundir Mohammed says:

we have no time…

fırtına says:

0:54 hart hart hart :)))))

rick Woods says:

What glue do you use for the tiles , can they withstand 2000degrees temp ?

Corvo Attano says:

Why people deslike ?


COOL ! 👌

Ali the Moon walker. says:

Great video NASA.

James Vincent says:

I want to go to Mars when I am older I am

Games Polis says:

Pendos !!! Obama chmo !!!!

谭大雷 says:

USA is really developed 。。。how can i go there study?

My Kol says:

Well, at least the Science Guy was there. That gave the whole thing credibility.

RyGuy says:


Jyri Haatainen says:

halloween asteroid???!!

farid yusuf says:

mars planet cat 2020 meow meow meow meow😂😂😂😂😂

David conklin says:

if we were really going to Mars, we would have a launch site on the moon. . get real nasa

M Kra says:

Onde estão os outros comentários br(Interrogação)  Só leio os comentários por isso!!!

David conklin says:

the iss has been up 15 years, what an engineering marvel. lmao. no leaking O rings? No machanics issues? so safe they just float around in it in their skivvies, no need for space suits cuz nothing ever goes wrong.

ausel says:

NASA can you please show me a foto, where a house is standing from bottom to top.?
Thank you, NASA.

Hunter Allyn says:

Why no raw video of Scott and Kjell talking to the President? I'd love to see an unedited version of the whole conversation.

David conklin says:

Can't even put a webcam on the moon

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