Astronomy Saturday “The Swan Nebula”

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Here is another segment from tonight’s broadcast. Bob and Francis begin to discuss the new observatory build in Kerrville Texas. Dark sky vieing will allow for more detailed images and finer research in the near future.


Francis Walsh says:

Here is the second segment from last night's show! There will be a new show every Saturday and for potentially important events occurring on clear skies over our little part of Texas. A new observatory is being built in dark skies for the future of Cosmic Obsession and our ability to get an unbiased view of the night skies over our part of the universe is as important as the goal to discover new objects in the space outside our atmosphere. ~ Francis PS Be sure to check out Jupiter and Venus before the Sun rises in the Eastern sky tomorrow morning. They will be the two closest objects in the sky; unmistakably perfect in time. 

Sergio A.G. says:

Are you Haaapppy! yes I am. Good to see you and glad your back on your videos. now I can get my Perfectminds. Thank you my fried for the video. God is on our side. have a goo day.

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