Astronomy: The Big Bang (2 of 30) Hubble Law and The Expanding Universe

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In this video I will explain how Hubble discovered our universe is expanding and the age of our universe.


Simon Pender says:

My favorite science topic. Very nicely presented.

truth_seeker says:

What a smart man. Thanks for posting so many tutorials. My sincere thanks!

Shido Martial Arts says:

I absolutely love this guy. My sincerest thanks for this lecture series. What a talented professor. The only sad part is that there are a mere 1000 views on average for his videos. But "Who is the Antichrist" and "Biblical prophecy" videos have millions and millions of views. How sad and misguided the majority of people are. The Bible is for the intellectually lazy. We can likely measure the intellectual progress of humanity by the number of Youtube views on various subjects. I hope over time the number of views increases dramatically for lectures of this sort and diminishes equally for silly misguided nonsense of the sort that seems to occupy the attention of the masses of willfully ignorant pinheads. 1000 views? Really? realllly? How depressing.

John Smith says:

There are only 7 comments on this video as of me typing this & one of those comments is from a delusional christian. I can't say I'm surprised. There's always that one christian…

Clyde Ssites says:

In the Bible it states 17 times that God "stretched" the universe.   This would explain how the further we get away from the center of the universe the faster the rate of speed the universe is moving away.  Think of a balloon expanding.  if you are near the center the expansion is not much from the center but if you are near the edge your expansion rate is greatly increased.  "Big Bang" did not fire matter out in all directions but instead what you see is space/time.being stretched by the supernatural force of God.   Not only is the universe stretched but so is time which is all relative.  This is how the universe and its light can look like billions of years old and actuallly only be thousands of years old as the light never had to actually travel the long distance we see but was given its distance from a rapid stretch by God.  When we see the universe speeding away we are seeing the past of when God was stretching out the universe.  I would suggest it is no longer stretching as what we see today is just the historical God creation still replaying back in our telescopes.  I wonder if the universe is like one big balloon that God expanded by blowing his force inside of it and in essense stretching everything out.   Next God stretching the universe gives you now an explanation for what Dark Matter and Dark Engergy is.  You can't see the dark hidden forces like you can't see God but these forces are detected all the same.  I would suggest the reason why you can't see it and only detect its force is that it is directly from Gods action and hand on the universe.   The key to understanding God's creation of the universe and all we see is once again understanding what was stated thousands of years ago in the most preserved book ever the Bible that he "stretched" the unviverse.  God is the real deal and he got people back then to write down his message to everyone.

Ahmed Zaidi says:

From Sept-Dec I used your videos for Mechanics because I found the concepts difficult. Then from January to just last week I used your Electricity & Magnetism series! And Now I am off for the summer and have some free time and am interested in learning some astronomy 🙂 I have thanked you many times but I am going to do it again Thank you so much for taking the time to help students across the world sir! And too anyone that is unsure whether they should try this channel trust me you are in good hands!! Best Physics Channel on the entire web and all for free!! 

Elianaxoxoxo says:

Yay! You began an astronomy series! Definitely one of my favorite classes that you taught!

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