Astronomy Video: Tonight s Sky – Stargazing for January 2017 – Nasa Video

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Stargazers / astronomers , find out what to look forward to this month.

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Thomas Wilkinson says:

Are the timings for America? Would it be 5 hours earlier for the UK?

Jyotee Strawberry & Lichee says:

Thanks for the information. I would like to point out that there are people from different corners of the world who are interested. So it would be great to have information for both hemispheres. Also, the minimum quality of lenses for telescopes and binoculars will be helpful. I appreciate the effort and your time.

Chris Foss says:

WoW I'm going to try to see this… wish u new sooner about the shower

Andi says:

This is awesome, thanks!

Giulia Delicato says:

bel video, molto utile!!󾓩󾓩󾓩󾓩󾓩󾓩󾓩󾓩󾓩󾓩󾓩

Darkchylde50 says:

Thanks yew Naser! 😎 Been wondering what that bright light towards the south western sky is. I can sleep easy now lol

shreedhar maharaj says:

This is not for the southern hemisphere

RemusKingOfRome5 says:

obviously not the same for people in the Southern hemisphere

Joe Morello says:

Fantastic video! 🇨🇦😊

FlowZone says:

hi and Chile? city: Chile, America?

Eric Schwarz says:

This should be weekly!

Evelin Costa 1D says:

podia tá legendado em português BR

Timothy Ciarlette says:

Thanks, cool.

JuanCarlos Lastra S says:

What a wonderful universe!

Mr SpacePandaMan says:

Astronomy just never seizes to amaze me. Love it!

SkypirateKaijin says:

Quick and informative, nice. =)
Do you have the source to that music?

Steve's Auto OSTROGOTH says:

them Greeks had some imagination how they get a bull and pictures outta stars? strong fire water drinking lol

David Jair Herrera Alvarado says:

No hablo el inglés y por supuesto no se que dicen 😂

eduard millan says:


Ricky Swedenson says:

Roses are red, My phone is in heaven, because My iPhone died, When I was at 7 eleven

Rose Marie says:

Her voice though

Sean Garzon says:

Who is the "Star" of 2017?

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