Beyond Hubble: A New Era of Astronomy with the James Webb Space Telescope

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This video is of a talk given by Dr. Amber Straughn on March 21, 2012 at the Library of Congress, Washington DC.

Abstract: For over 20 years, the Hubble Space Telescope has been revealing the unknown cosmos; this single scientific instrument has revolutionized our understanding of the Universe. In 2009, the complete refurbishment of Hubble gave new life to the telescope and has produced groundbreaking science results, revealing some of the most distant galaxy candidates ever discovered. Despite the remarkable advances in astronomy that Hubble has provided, the new questions that have arisen demand a new space telescope with new technologies and capabilities. Dr. Straughn presents the exciting new technology development and science goals of Hubble’s successor, NASA’s James Webb Space Telescope, which is currently being built and tested and will be launched later this decade.


vermasean says:

Thanks for posting this video! I am really excited about it's launch!!! : )

Poo Fighter says:

What happens if things go wrong it will be none serviceable and therefore a massive waste of money so you'd better get it right first time.

TigR 5hark says:

This has 8134 views and Justin Bieber's latest has 10,888.661. Yay young people!

JuankyKong says:

Cutting edge technology to build and send to open space what is perhaps one of the most amazing and important pieces of human history to date, yet we get to enjoy the video at 240p 😛 

James Webb Space Telescope (JWST) says:

Nibiru and other stories about wayward planets are an Internet hoax, sorry!

Dynogoober says:

Do you know if it is true that If Nibiru (if it is even real) to come into our solar system and we will be able to see it in broad daylight?

Kevin Paul says:

good spot, probably because it is all a lie. Geology, Ufology, Astronomy, History… for the reason being that they hate everybody in the world the group of people with enough money to figure out the truth does not want to tell the rest if the world the truth.

Heartsprung says:

Why is this respected doctor losing her composure at 38:00? Clearly she is fighting back the tears.

Heartsprung says:

Very interesting talk.

brumster01 says:

The shadow of the first women looks like ET.

jimibeckert says:

2018? Hubble dude said late 1990's?

James Webb Space Telescope (JWST) says:

Can you tell us where in the talk this was?

mssmaths says:

She is amazing. So smart (and beautiful).

Paolo6781 says:

5 million or 5 billion years… I couldn't understand everytime she said it…

RedT says:

beauty and brains =Dr. Amber.

Avanith says:

Dr. Amber Straughn, one of my favorite astrophysicist!

RyanBurke says:

Wow you're censoring your comments?! Why am I not surprised. Obamas "open" government can't even manage to have open comments on a youtube channel. No quality debates going on here. yawn… You have a cool job. Too bad you have to make this channel lame. Have a good one 🙂

RyanBurke says:

Starts at 4:00

Inaki / Sports MTB says:

lol ! that´s right !!!

nononsenseinrational says:

Starts at 4:00

Jeovan Araujo says:

Espero um avanço ainda maior na astronomia depois do lançamento do telescópio James Webb, imaginem o quanto poderemos ver e entender mais sobre o universo, fantástico!

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