Cosmic Journeys – The Age of Hubble

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An army of high-tech telescopes, led by Hubble in space, has delivered an unprecedented chain of discoveries about how galaxies took shape, how stars live and die, and how life arose. What are we learning about the universe and ourselves in this Age of Hubble?


Joan Wood says:

how can ipurchase these marvels

TheRealMeditationGuide says:

Mans technology is severely inadequate for deep space exploration. Our current technology of rocket fuel etc wont even scratch the surface of space due to the sheer size of the universe and the limited speed capability of spacecraft. to put it into context imagine a snail trying to explore the entire earth! its got no chance as it is. Man may boast about this n that achieved in science but when it comes to space exploration it's lacking big time. As a post graduate I studied space physics and quantum mechanics at university so I do know what I am talking about. Some of the methods they use are unreliable! For example, a top physicist came from Poland and I can't recall his actual research area but his theory was based a lot from star maps. I asked him a straight forward question 3 times! which he avoided answering because he could not! This was the question, "how do you know these maps are accurate? Many of these stars may not exist now and we wouldn't know about it." For those that are not familiar with space, light has a speed it cannot surpass and some of these distant stars may be many thousands of light years away. Which means if a star is 20.000 light years away and it explodes now, so it no longer exists, we will still continue to see that star via telescope or whatever for the next 20.000 years!!! So his research may be a waste of time basically, thats probably why he never answered the question.

So returning to my point about space exploration. They need a new physics illustrated by the discovery of the higgs boson and one that can incorporate other dimensions. They are currently trying to crack this (as hitler tried) at places like the LHC in switzerland on a top secret basis, by trying to replicate ancient hindu technology. It's no coincidence that they have a statue of Lord Shiva outside CERN. And its no coincidence that hitler adopted the ancient swastika symbol, which is in fact a basic star map of our galaxy (not merely a good luck sign contrary to belief) In my opinion they are trying to produce an inter-dimensional portal at CERN.

youreconfused says:

Cgi trash. Fakery

soursethi17 says:

Hindus knew Earth revolve around sun and they knew speed of light 5000 years ago.

IrregularFacts says:

The Universe will never cease to amaze and motivate for more learning and understanding! Great episode!

Super Dan says:

Mostly cg images. I'm starting to think Hubble has never actually taken real pictures

smash says:

could there still be something in the center of the universe that is still producing mass and energy and helping to push the expanding universe outward??

smash says:

if our galaxy is in fact one of the oldest then wouldnt it be fair to say that we are closer to the edge of the universe than we are to the center??

Ernesto Ezequiel Mármol says:

Thank you very much!

timur timurov says:

Have they not looked at the heaven above them – how We structured it and adorned it and [how] it has no rifts? Quran (50:6)

mihai0377 says:

The videos are free to use for creators ? Thanks

Randal R says:

Light comes from the Aether Perturbations of energy..photons?



Patrick wagner says:

love this video!

moon Mou says:

so beautiful

Ryan Hiemstra says:

also de interlace this shit asshole

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