Cosmic Sexy Time, Eggs, Seeds, and Water: Crash Course Mythology #3

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In which Mike teaches you about the creation of the universe, with sex. This week we’re talking about creations stories from Egypt, West Africa, Greece, China, and Persia that have a lot in common with human sexual reproduction. And also some castration and puking, to boot. We’ve got your cosmic eggs, right here!

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Natalie Brooke says:

I love the relationship with Thot omg

Astonished_ says:

He seems way to excited…

Potato Douche says:

funny how at one time in the subtitle, it shows "Thot" rather than "Thoth"

Dan G. Casacurta says:

Not sure if this has been said before, but when citing myths and their places of origin, it would help a lot if it was shown in text form too.

Loki of Asgard says:

So gods are created from fapping

Olivia Francis says:

all of us are adults
Me, a 15 year old

Nate Ramos says:

6:02 I'm sorry the what now?

interestingyoutubechannel says:

I like my eggs sunny side up!

Roots Raices says:

Looking this chapter came to my mind the idea of the big difference from the so called God, male, all powerful, al looking over your shoulder for you to make mistakes, so hard on you. And the the mother earth, who gives and gives light and life, who only gives answers and hopes, who keeps balance.
And then, how this view affects the societys who live above this beliefs. And how different they feel and take everyday. How governments are more like God, more power, more jail, been hard is the good part. Wile others are more maternal, more on tying to take good care of their citizens on a daily basis, like have less work time and more family time, more preventive and natural medicine, and so on.
I also saw the sociology crash course before so this may take the credit for my linking. But anyway..
My call here is to see more the word that our loving mother gave as, and live more like that's, and less from this big brother looking for the bad on you.
"There is no good or bad beyond what makes you happy or unhappy "
Richard Bach

Inclusive Outsider Οὖτις says:

Just to clear it up, Buddhism doesn't a creation myth or story.

OnRye says:

This video is missing from the mythology playlist. I cant wait to see the entire show 🙂

CultistO says:

This and the last video are still missing from the playlist…

1987MartinT says:

So he masturbated and created 2 other gods? I can honestly say that that's never happened to me.

Sophie Elizabeth says:

watching a crash course ad before a crash course video

Taraka Pranav Rayudu says:

0:19 Umm…tell that to us high schoolers. I'm sure it'll go over well.

Jake Biderman says:

8:06 there's an amazing, once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for a "cosmic latte" joke here. ("Cosmic latte" is a real scientific concept, by the way. If you don't know it, Google it.)

Peter Porker is the Spider Ham says:

I'm so annoyed that there was no mention of the Flying Spaghetti Monster in these videos

The Chosen one says:

0:20 but I am only 3 days old :/

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