Creation from the Void: Crash Course Mythology #2

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Today on Crash Course Mythology we’re starting in on creation stories. This week, we’ll focus on the creation of the universe out of nothing, or Ex Nihlio creation. Basically, a god decides to make a universe out of nothing. We’ll look at the Genesis story (which has nothing to do with Peter Gabriel or Phil Collins), a Mayan creation tale, a Kono story of the beginning, and we’ll even look at the Big Bang.


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GreatSage says:

Biblical creation is the ultimate archetypal story

Trevor Moore says:

Chaos existed before anything?? HERESY!!! BLAM!

Saud Addayel says:

The origin of creation is clearly stated in Quraan. Confusing myths with religion has been caused by the contradictions between Judeo-Christian scriptures and science. Quraan has zero contradictions and so had early Judeo-Christian scriptures scriptures before they were alteted by scribers and translators.

morbidwitch says:

I think the idea of absolute nothing is a very calming concept

TerBoy hd says:


Yoel Ben David says:

Thank you Crash Course. I have religious faith and I love your work and I enjoy all you do.

Jose Daniel León León says:

Moses wrote Genesis; and it looks like they understood things in a different way. In water you float, like in space!

phan pham says:

Though the Big Bang was actually mentioned in Quran

sgtcrab1 says:

He ceated it in the dark? Awesome!

21locusts says:

"now i'm worried about the puppy"

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