Deep Astronomy Vlog #4: The Heartbeat of Hubble

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Christ, there’s a blog too?!

Here’s some footage from an artistic display that was running concurrently with the JWST model. It is taking data from a telemetry from the Hubble Space Telescope and rendering it as a waveform.

That’s all I was able to find out about it.


pheonex says:

lol at literally anyone who complained about this video…. seriously STFU and watch the cool hubble heartbeat!

Giselle Goad says:

@wasonnnn K, thanks. LOL

Victor Cervantes says:

@LittleG567 lol it's at an altitude of 307 nautical miles (569 km, or 353 miles)

DanielxLira says:

looks like he is having an arrhythmia!

Giselle Goad says:

@wasonnnn Well yes, (and I did LOL) but how far away from Earth, and is it stationary?

David L Peavy says:

sleeperawaken36 …so why do you care what I post? We all have our opinions…. I won't begrudge you yours….so allow me the "right".

sleeperawaken36 says:

@david25luvit : I can't believe you posted this, david. How much did you pay him to produce this video? How much of your time did it take to watch? Who held a gun to your head and made you watch it? It's a free world, he could post a video about his big toe if he wants. In this case, he just wanted to share something kind of simple and perhaps a little random. Okay by me. It's not like he's going to change his whole format.

squish_like_grape says:

I guess a lot of your space fans aren't art fans too?!

I don't at all understand people's dissappointment, It says VLOG; that means it is a VLOG, it isn't space fan news, it is just a VLOG. Just a tiny clip, a tiny fun, extra clip. No poop in the soup necessary. 🙂

Victor Cervantes says:

@LittleG567 In space baby

Victor Cervantes says:

Pink Floyd Dark Side Of the Moon!

Giselle Goad says:

Where is the hubble at anyway?

antho862008 says:

hubble is only a tool that measures the heart beat of the cosmos

KimiScuderiaFerrari says:

@tdarnell Okay, your right, I was just hungry for space news, thanks for showing this to us!

David L Peavy says:

Ex-squeeze me Tony…… I still love ya! Maybe you better take two pills like I do!

David L Peavy says:

Morgoth2503 …Yeah….well everybody's got one huh? An opinion….. you're welcome to worship at the feet of Tony…personally I love his videos….well not this one but I still love the guy. And I'll go on watching his videos…… I believe they call it feed back not bitchin! Incidentally what is a Morgoth?

Mark Cliffe says:

Ever thought of doing a vid on how the universe might have been created, if there are other universes and/or dimensions, and how we can get to/what is between other universes if they exist?

Deep Astronomy says:

@david25luvit Well, I guess I didn't have much time for that. Since it was art, there wasn't a lot of perspective I could provide, better to just draw your own conclusions.

As you can tell from our conversation, neither of us really knew what we were looking at. I didn't have enough details to know what was causing the waveform: telemetry from hubble, commands being send, images returned? I just didn't know.

Deep Astronomy says:

@ItsNotEvenSunny LOL, well the heartbeat did look dangerously asymmetric.

Deep Astronomy says:

@hammas74 Ooops, you're right. Posting this was a last minute thing I put together before going to bed, should have added a title at the end. Sorry bout that!


@tdarnell I just didn't find it as mentally stimulating as your usual vidz.

Deep Astronomy says:

@KimiScuderiaFerrari No, there's SFN on Friday and Space Bound #3 this weekend, probably Sunday. I had this footage from last week and thought I'd share it. People doing artistic things with scientific data isn't something you see all that often.

Deep Astronomy says:

@ACCSESS247 I love how people always say that about a vid they didn't like. As if their time on YouTube is earning them millions and a minute and a half lost has cost them dearly.

Come on, what else would you have done with that minute and a half? Should have posted a kitten in a witch hat, WAAAAAY more worthwhile.

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