Did NASA Change Zodiac Signs? Astrology VS Astronomy – Stellarium

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Hello and welcome to What Da Math!
In this video, we will talk about the NASA announcement that sent Astrology communities into chaos – the announcement that there are and always were 13 horoscope signs and that astrology is essentially not real.

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VibrantDisc7767 says:

No I still want to be a taurus not an aries

Interstellar Labs says:

I know nothing about astrology… but I know too much about astronomy… life

jamie hil says:

fuck u all damn retard

Harry Evett says:

It's kind of funny how people base their life and behavior off a bunch of nuclear reactors thousands of light years away, and are barely even gravitationally bound. Oh… how simple everything was before humanity came along.

Ms. T says:

just look at the new dates and the old dates when a baby's born and they will either grow up to be the old or new dates on the new zodiac caleder

Ardiak Beltz says:

The constelation idea need a XXI century upsdate ..not about mysticism change the elder 2D earthling/geocentric to a 3D vision relationed the nearly stars..like a imaginary molecules..(like the countries..other human imaginary division..)XD
Other funny thing about it was we are to eurocentrics, chinese, mayas and other cultures have the same stars knowlege, but related that in a diferent way than sumerians, egyptians and greeks..XD

lightAce 07 says:

The thing tho my old one is 100% on my personality but the new one isn't close.

JVX says:

Oh youre definitely a Capricorn because youre attempting to discredit Astrology. Thats typical earth sign behavior all the way, lol.

JVX says:

A man with a snake tho? Sounds like some new mythology those Satan worshiping Zionists placed on an unlabeled constellation to change our psyche. Theres way more than 13 constellations in the whole universe, so they can label what they choose to label. Im not gonna acknowledge that shyt at all with all the corruption of the govt which owns Nasa. Fuck Nasa. Follow how the ancestors did it because they were living in peace. Not all this genocide and mind poisoning theyre doing today.

JVX says:

The change only applies to ppl born in the time period of the change. You are what you were born as. Planets move and shift over time. Common sense should tell you that. Extra constellation may not have been close enough to the earth to see, therefore they were not affecting us at the time.

alice hummus says:

but i know i aint a capricorn

FrostedCereal says:

I don't want to be a stupid Sagittarius!! I want to say Capricorn! (So sorry to people who are Sagittarius! No offense). It's funny because my parents bought me a star in the Capricorn for my birthday.. UGH!

Kean Kennedy says:

That's interesting. Many years ago an astrologer told me that there should be 13 signs- but I think her reasoning was that it should be moon cycles. She said the missing sign was Perseus.
I don't believe in astrology, although I've always found the idea of mythological stories superimposed across the sky quite dreamy.

That said, there have been studies showing that the time of year children are born can affect them for sociological reasons. In the early school years the almost 1-year difference between the oldest and youngest pupils can make a big difference. The oldest ones (here in UK autumn born) statistically do better in various ways, having both a mental and physical advantage over the youngest (Summer born).
What the psychological results of that are, who knows. But it also opens the question of what other influences might occur in relation to the time of year one is born.

Lord Azibe Iqgenuis says:

Hello youtubers there is a website called dark star astrology .com check it out its the bomb they use tropical but also the fixed star by degree and they use the 88 constellations its love

Rose Quartz says:

bye bye Libra, now I'm a Virgo. I'm angry. I wanted to be a Libra.

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