Distraction: Magician sneezes his head off

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Magician Rich Ferguson surprises unsuspecting passersby with his unique sneezes. See more at richferguson.com.

Go to http://www.richferguson.com/ for more videos like this.

For more CNN videos, check out our YouTube channel at http://www.youtube.com/cnn


Si Random says:

If you're wondering, he has his own channel called Rich Ferguson.

Haseeb J says:

it's fake real

Breaking News Trump Today says:

How did they do that ???

Tony Davenport says:

look at us as little small people. stuck behind the screen of our computers . they know we have to listen to them, we cannot ask questions. do not listen to the media do not listen to anything they tell you, every bit of the news has been analysed before it gets to you you must understand this ,all advertisements are the same,all of this stuff has to be edited

R K Balach says:

subscrib my channel

Александр says:


Arabas Matipas says:

Fake like CNN

We're Ready says:

Was this done in bubble gum ally SLO CA, or are there more than one BGA?

Scotty Weißmüller says:

Hmm maybe trump should hire this guy to do all of his distractions away from when he's pivoting and blaming somebody else when he fucks up.

Chilly Bandino says:

Kid's that is the definition of a dime piece 1:02

ExtraRareTrumpSteak says:

CNN is Never news. Lmao

Dea& Desi says:

nuk eshte se bere ndonje gje te madhe po r gjitheseisi like

communistjesus says:

01:29 CNN
[It's Not News] <<<<" Honestyyyyy is such a lovely word"..Haaa after years, and years of denying the OBVIOUS you @de CNN finally admit that YOUR ORGANIZATION DOES NOT PROVIDE NEWS (Who,what, when,where and why) , but rather DISTRACTION of the populace so that the powerful elite can maintain the STATUS QUO… Wow that took a lot of courage at de +CNN.. Now, the final step is to APOLOGIZE FOR ALL THOSE YEARS YOU MISLEAD THE VIEWERS and GO OUT OF BUSINESS.. If we could get the Clown of FOX "NEWS", and MSNBC to do the same.. WE WOULD BE IN BUSINESS..

Blondie McKenzie says:

when it comes to hard work, people soon disappear. it is easy. j ust try it and see !!

evilemperordude says:

I think this is one of those tricks that only really works if you take people by surprise. Otherwise, it's really obvious how he's doing it.

Yassmina Lachhb says:


Para Pete says:

Is this in San Luis Obispo

T. Shrine says:

to all the people that still believe that Russia hacked our presidential election, Google it no evidence! 8 months later still no evidence! -0- zero!!!!!

Porfle Popnecker says:

CNN [It's Not News]

So what else is new?

Droepram says:

This is fake CNN news – it is just a prank.

Zenthloc says:

We get it, you suck your own dick.

Ledo Vieira says:

This thing CNN mastering so good: Distraction!


A fake sneeze for a fake news station.

Jana-Marie Apergis says:


Penelope says:


TittyWinks says:

is this the new CNN motto?

justin jones says:

Titled this one right "cnn distraction"… fake ass news outlet

Bilal pathan says:

CNN has nothing left to do nowadays


Yum this child is very strong

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