Exploring The Infrared Universe

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http://www.facebook.com/ScienceReason … Science@ESA Vodcast (Episode 3, Part 1): Exploring The Infrared Universe.

In the Science@ESA series Rebecca Barnes will take you on a journey of discovery into the rapidly evolving field of space astronomy and planetary exploration.

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In this third episode of the Science@ESA vodcast series we investigate the infrared Universe, explore discoveries made by ground-breaking infrared space telescopes, and take a look at Herschel – ESA’s pioneering infrared space telescope.

Herschel, ESA’s cutting-edge space observatory, will carry the largest, most powerful infrared telescope ever flown in space. A pioneering mission to study the origin and evolution of stars and galaxies, it will help understand how the Universe came to be what it is today.

The first observatory to cover the entire range from far-infrared to sub-millimetre wavelengths and bridge the two, Herschel will explore further in the far-infrared than any previous mission, studying otherwise invisible dusty and cold regions of the cosmos, both near and far.

Herschel will tap into unexploited wavelengths, seeing phenomena out of reach for other observatories, at a level of detail that has not been captured before. The telescope’s primary mirror is 3.5 m in diameter, more than four times larger than any previous infrared space telescope and almost one and a half times larger than that of the Hubble Space Telescope. The telescope will collect almost twenty times more light than any previous infrared space telescope.

The cutting-edge spacecraft carries three advanced science instruments: two cameras and a very high resolution spectrometer; their detectors are cooled to temperatures close to absolute zero by a sophisticated cryogenic system.

• http://www.esa.int/SPECIALS/Herschel/SEMBM00YUFF_0.html


gede arda says:

i used this video to give my students understanding about infrared vision. thx…

LMD says:

And also, when did military become more important than evolving the human race into something worthy of existence? Why not aim for trying to have a foot print instead of fighting wars that are a speck of dust in comparison to our Universe?

thevideovan says:

Shes not hot at all but this is intresting

Cimary says:

My thoughts while watching this video: Pink Floyd Pink Floyd Pink Floyd Pink Floyd Accent Pink Floyd new person talking back to accent.

MaximvsDread says:

Who else wants to choke her out?

maksphoto78 says:

This chick is so not hot, you can only see her in infrared.

Sueblues says:

I am taking astronomy right now and I have read my book however, i can't seem to understand astronomy terminology? Is there an easier way to understand astronomy?

odysseus9672 says:

I know that the ESA vodcast is about hyping ESA's accomplishments, but no mention of Spitzer? or WISE?

Kai Keeper says:

come on guys… she's not hot…
stop saying that you will bang her cause that just makes me feel sick….

WorldTravelerMan says:

the reason we can see the milky way so clear is becuase we are on its very outer edge of the spiral so it gives us a full view of it. when i was in africa you get the clearest view of it becuase the skies are virgin. you can see most of the spiral its an incredible site

mdiem says:

"How can we observe the milky way if we are in the milky way?"

Look in every direction and measure the distance to every object you see (or at least a representative sample) and then compare those plots to what you would expect to see if the galaxy was various shapes.

The shape that matches closest is a spiral similar to our neighbor, Andromeda.

theeyeisblind says:

lol she FINALLY shaved those eyebrows!!!!

Ragnar Danneskjöld says:

I love how most of the comments have nothing to do about the video itself but rather the hot chick. So here's my two cents. Yes, she is kinda hot, a little chubby but I've seen worse. I would definitely do her, specially because unlike my current girlfriend, we could probably talk about religion after sex.

endergt says:

She's aight… I'd like to read her "spectrum" (see @ 1:42)

Ara Carson says:

No problem dude, its a really cool looking one though!

If you find out let me know.

christo930 says:

How can we observe the milky way if we are in the milky way? We can see other objects in it, but how are we supposed to see it as a whole or even parts of it when we are inside of it? It makes no sense.
You guys are all nuts, she isn't hot at all. She's ok looking (I wouldn't kick her out of my bedroom), but she's nothing to get gaga over.

JonO387 says:

I like her too. What I can't stand is that fucked up lopsided haircut.

NeedsEvidence says:

I like Rebecca but she moves her hands and arms too much so I cannot concentrate. Was she Italian in her previous life?

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