Eyes On Exoplanets – NASA App REVIEW – Games in Education (Astronomy)

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Hello and welcome to What Da Math!

In this video, we will talk about an awesome free space app available directly from NASA. Download it here: http://eyes.nasa.gov/eyes-on-exoplanets.html

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Eduardo Trindade says:


Insanity Gaming says:

At 5:04 I got a little confused because you said "The closest system that has a planet, possibly with a star."

Mario Nickle says:

I have this on my mac

David K says:

Actually, Wolf 1061 is in the habitable zone (5:50), this sim isn't very good at measuring those.

Look at the 4th one on the top: http://www.hpcf.upr.edu/~abel/phl/HEC_All_ESI.jpg

Outer says:

its awesome!

MIchael Miller says:

I had no knowledge of this. Exoplanet is a wonderful app on the App Store you can get for free and has a really good representation of size, when they transit next, and much more.

youcrany says:

How long till master of Orion? And congrats on 18k subs

Diego De Luque V says:

My friends aren't space fans. :c

A2heR says:

Cool! I'll definitely be downloading this.

Astrological X says:

I just installed it, it does indeed work on Mac.

DingoNexus says:

Great vid my man!

Joshua Ash says:

First comment:)

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