#FalconHeavy Launch; Planets from another galaxy?; #JWST Goes to California | SFN 223

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I was lucky enough to be able to attend the Falcon Heavy launch this week and it was Just Like Downtown! Here are some highlights. Also, astronomers make the strange leap from smeared light from a distant galaxy to extragalactic planets with no stars. And finally, the JWST is making it’s way to California and is one step closer to launch.

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Michael Jobin says:

Buzz Aldrin noticed me. So EFT1 was not that crowdy.

bigmac575 says:

I got goosebumps the first time you said just like downtown, Love you Tony, I'm so glad you do these videos.

Magnus Bekkengen says:

ugh, I feel your pain with the framing.

Pink Freud says:

Thanks for keeping me posted!

Ravi Rathore says:

Nothing is better than waking up n seeing sfn new video notification. 🙂

rebilacx says:

Heavy Metal was the first thing I thought of too when I saw Starman, but I didn't think anyone else would know what it was, lol.

Johan Jartelius says:

Good morning. Thanks for all the news!

Jose Medina says:

Amayzar cool and awesome

PrincessTS01 says:

i see green dots on your glasses

Paddyslippers says:

gravitational lensing = mind blown. you have to start using crypto currency Tony. post an address with your videos it's much easier than paypal or traditional methods!

Upcycle Electronics says:

10:00 Thanks. I needed that reality check. Intuitively the 2k planets bit didn't feel right. I've seen it mentioned a few times today, but this was the first time someone really looked into the details well enough to relate them. SciShow didn't pick up on these details. Thanks Tony 😉

…I'd definitely want a quiet spot to enjoy the launch myself as well.

…he felt the power go out of his niyinuss…

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