Gigapixels of Andromeda [4K]

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First & Last photo by Cory Poole:

Music is ‘Koda – The Last Stand’ from Silk Music…
More from Silk Music:

Super-high resolution image of Andromeda from Hubble (NASA/ESA):

Space is crazy.


yisuanjiFan says:

I was born to early!

rojat sempurna says:

Andromeda Galaxy 2 millions light years from earth

Nathan Hutton says:

And we're just going to mars

Zeddexx Dom says:

Now imagine that our whole galaxy is just a brain cell of another living creature.

MYST says:

I remember watching this in 7th grade science class. 2 years I've finally found it again. 🙂

Katie Molen says:

and u get PhD I get PhD every body gets PhD in atronomy

Katie Molen says:

check out myself chanel it's andrew molen I'm using myself mom's a count lol

Katie Molen says:

I am 10 almost 11.we thought ingredients 4 life r just water, great air and sunlight but it iz far more complex than that. so that means there is a extremely tiny chance there is life in this galaxy,but that means there is a far higher chance we have life in the observable universe, that means an in measurable chance of life in universe done*huf huf huf* dXD

Spencer Kirchhoff says:

Wow.. just.. wow..

Zwiezda says:

I see some shiny dots and I am crying :')

Spiritual audiobooks FULL says:

It gives me such a strange and beautiful cognitive dissonance at the same time. Just looking at it makes me wonder and leaves me with so many questions… I guess we people with our limited minds will never get to the true meaning and truth of this all.. life is amazing enjoy it while it lasts Loveforall! There are no boundaries and we are all one <4

Caleb Mancillas says:

I have a good feeling that there is a creator. But just not the loving God that people think he would be. This creator just doesn't care too much about us. Maybe doesn't even know we emerged into existence. Sometimes I wish I was a rock, rocks don't question a single thing.

Chillmandnb says:

This is so powerful. We need to come to is a realization that it's not just fixing an economic or political system but it's a basic world view, a basic understanding of who we are…

Carl Romano says:

facebook brought me here

novrie says:

hello..any body home..!!!

Username says:

Keep in mind, This is ONE galaxy…

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