Here’s How Hubble Astronomers Spotted Vampire Stars

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When scientists looked at a cluster of ancient stars, they noticed a few that appeared younger than the rest. These stars are the same age as the others, yet they look younger. Like a vampire, these stars suck the life from others.
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nemo nemo says:

twillight vampire stars

alejosky says:

2:32 I think she wasn't really meaning Dracula but rather the human centipede

Irish Eagle says:

I heard that Narrator and I just yelled "THIS IS THREE DOG OOOOOOUUUUUU, And you're listening to Galaxy News Radio".

Aaahhh the memories

Manman3872 says:


Levizar 1441 says:

The close up in 2:03 looked like the Death Star.

Eloy Huidobro Rodriguez says:

I guess bllueshift makes no difference here because they were all at the same distance but they could have mentioned it.
Nice video anyway

Ernesto Colon says:

good find looks like a place to explore


Damn…this shit make me high on mountain dew…

no use for a name says:

the documenter sounds like a vampire

Jason Lopez says:

first time hearing Vampire Star

Bro Brah says:

now if only we could get hubble pictures of the moon and earth. now that would be news worthy.

Chelsae Valentine says:

"Dying young after millions of years"

Ishan Sinha says:

fourth 😃

Nikhil S says:

Where Dark Seth lives.

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