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Hubble Image of Galaxies. Created by Sal Khan.

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Cosmology & Astronomy on Khan Academy: The Earth is huge, but it is tiny compared to the Sun (which is super huge). But the Sun is tiny compared to the solar system which is tiny compared to the distance to the next star. Oh, did we mention that there are over 100 billion stars in our galaxy (which is about 100,000 light years in diameter) which is one of hundreds of billions of galaxies in just the observable universe (which might be infinite for all we know). Don’t feel small. We find it liberating. Your everyday human stresses are nothing compared to this enormity that we are a part of. Enjoy the fact that we get to be part of this vastness!

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Mrigendra Singh says:

Why does he speaks that way ?

Joseph Adolph says:

you forgot to mention that the, "redder the galaxy, the further away it is". 🙂

Clyde Cash says:

another one. another one

Alex Gitman says:

This is amazing! Makes me think is this real? It's like people claim there is god, but no one can prove it. Same thing here, can anyone prove ever in "human life time" as you said that this does exist? Besides the images. Amazing stuff thank you for your videos!

Yomka Hassan says:

The stars you see are in our Galaxy.The Galaxies are far more distanced!

Tommycraft2015 says:

I have always watched shows that talks about the universe such as (How the Universe Works) I've been watching shows like that for about one and a half years and I love how God took all of his time to create this universe.

jose rodrigues says:

You guys are staring at animations. This is made up footage

bobbycone2 says:

Amazing just how small we really are!

joe-hoarybat says:

OK these are hubble.  Imagine what the JWST going up and out in 2017-2018 being able to see with a 50+ FACTOR over hubble will reveal and being infrared seeing through Nebula will reveal?  Yup it will show we have underestimated the amount of Galaxies in the Universe again!

Reza Hoque says:

I'm left speechless!

hweera1 says:

And people laugh at me when I say that I believe there is other intelligent life out there…

Paul Wax says:

For once, I am speechless!

Nya Stclair says:

 Mind blowing, how about how far they are away from the position they are in the photo, because the light they project takes millions and billions of years to make it to us. So they aren't anywhere even close to where we think they are. Hubble was also zoomed in to capture the image of the galaxies, so the patch of space we're seeing is much smaller than the area of the moon we see.
 Taking blowing minds one step further. That image is of only ONE tiny spot in one random direction. You multiply all those galaxies by the amount of every single possible direction and degree that you can take a picture.  If you're able to imagine that, you're probably thinking that is one of the most incredible fucking realizations one can have.
 I'm sorry if you're one of the people stuck inside the box, but I would bet it all that there's a ton of life out there.

Lazy Cake says:

I was on the khan academy website and wanted to go to youtube to just so I could click like on this video-this is amazing. 

Bossman Asehinde says:

imagine if naruto or luffy or ichigo was in one of those galaxies! LLLOOOLLL!!!

sgtjayjohns says:

There's definitely life on one of those galaxies. Imagine what it's like mermaids or some fantasy type shit. NASA build a starship now with hyperspace so we can find out what's going on out there. I guarantee life in other worlds is trying to find out a way to travel between galaxies.

Aaron Gentry says:

I just cannot wrap my mind around how unimaginably far away these galaxies are, how many stars and planets they could possibly hold, or how incredibly old they are. And that's not to speak of the countless oppurtunities for life to have arisen

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