Hubble, Journey Through the Orion Nebula

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ryan Melanophy says:

narration sounds like leonardo dicaprio

Yesica1993 says:

Where's the rest? It cuts off mid sentence!

B Vyner says:


Expectable says:

a nebula really is one of natures most beatiful things

Serena Tsukino says:

People believe what they want to believe. Just like Milhauss and the goose. lol

u666sa says:

What are possible ways of traveling that far in real human times?

AntoineMC01 says:

is Leonardo di Caprio doing the narration? sounds like him

NIRVANAmat says:

Alright whys Leo talking about stars now

Faris Spear says:

If our solar system is inside the orion nebula we would see some pink stuff at night

Silas Stayshumble says:

so moving faster than light is incredible

Not Applicable says:

But we're not sure how many planets there are in our own solar system, or even if they are all really all planets or not. I smell bullshit.

Abigail Sockeye says:

will shields work in there?

Any Dude says:

It's so beautiful. Like watch the allmighty father, the creator at working!

Z e r k e r says:

anyone else hear Leonardo DeCaprio's voice?

K17CH says:

is this actual footage? dose it really look like this, its awsome

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