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Explore the most iconic Hubble photo of all: the glowing pillars of gas and dust at the core of the Eagle Nebula. Resembling a fantasy landscape, this cosmic view shows young stars emerging from their cocoons of gas and dust in an interstellar molecular cloud. Although it never ventures beyond low-Earth orbit, Hubble’s location high above the blurring effects of the atmosphere gives it an unrivaled vantage point for investigating phenomena throughout the cosmos. Over half a million Hubble images reveal never-before-seen features of planets, stars, and galaxies with breathtaking clarity that sets Hubble apart from all other telescopes. Assess the Hubble Telescope’s accomplishments in cosmic photography by studying a carefully chosen sample of its landmark images in a visual feast. This telescope photography course includes many of the greatest discoveries in astronomy during the 1990s and 2000s. The Great Courses’ class, Experiencing Hubble: Understanding the Greatest Images of the Universe, draws on one noted astronomer’s Top 10 list to take you on a dazzling voyage of discovery that delights the eye, feeds the imagination, and unlocks new secrets of the universe in 12 spectacularly illustrated half-hour lectures. Your guide to the cosmos is Professor David M. Meyer of Northwestern University, an award-winning educator and a frequent user of the Hubble Space Telescope in his research on interstellar and extragalactic gas clouds. Professor Meyer has made Hubble images the hallmark of his popular astronomy lectures to undergraduates, amateur astronomers, and the general public, which teach fundamental concepts and recent breakthroughs through the super-sharp eye of Hubble. For those new to astronomy, our course on Experiencing Hubble reviews all the background needed for a well-informed tour of the otherworldly realm investigated by Hubble. Everyone from experienced stargazers to casual cosmic devotees will enjoy Dr. Meyer’s inside perspective on the Hubble telescope photography.

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Hi, I have a question about canceling the subscription. Unfortunately, the FAQ section doesn't contain an information about this matter.
I just tried a free trial and entered my billing information during the registration process, but the site keeps asking me to "try the free trial" as if I didn't do just that few minutes ago and no lectures are available to me.
So I decided to cancel the subscription, but can not find the way how to do that. The billing information section of my account page says that I'm subscribed to a monthly plan, which i don't want to do. But there is no button, or link, or whatever, to help me with that. Help please

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This was amazing!

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