Hubble Telescope Space-Shattering Discoveries

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Tribute to the Hubble Space Telescope on its 20th anniversary in space. This beautiful video surveys the incredible accomplishments of this revolutionary instrument: everybody’s favorite telescope.


MajSolo says:

this video allready been made so why you poor lame ass wanting MONEY make a new one ?
someone SHOULD shoot you

Kindell Armstrong says:

DATA !!! miss you man ..

Rob Richards says:

OK Mr Hubble what if we're moving away from the Galaxies instead?

Irfan Surya says:

penasaran sama luar angkasa

Jeff Lucas says:

Ahhhhh, my favorite, Mr. Brent Spiner!

Kirsten I. Russell says:

This is beyond what I imagined as a child, looking at artists' rendering of the planets. Those bodies in space appear to have no atmosphere. But of course, we're seeing them in space, which has no atmosphere. Thanks for this reminder of scientists and astronauts who explore space.

TriangleHat says:

This shit is so fake! Look at the very first 5 seconds of this vid, it's just plastic slide, like something you would put in a projector with some printed images of a slice of a planet and a "satellite" stuck to it. FUCK NASA! Stop stealing tax payer's money!

Cristo Grinberg says:

1:49 that's what others see. I ONLY SEE A FRIKING MOON

Jesse Harder says:

Awesome, Data from The Next Generation. I am soooo, nerding out 😀

Titansoftime says:

Data as narrator! Bonus!

lennahc ruoy emaN says:

i came here for boobs. im disappointed

winterweib says:

I just love Hubble. I have no words to explain how much it means to me, and what it did to me with all these pictures. It is so dear to me like someone from my closest family, as if it would be like a piece of my Mother (which adored space and everything related, too, so she would appreciate what I say). I cannot understand how and the fact that I will have to say Good bye, it will be so hard. I will miss you, my dear friend, and no more again will any piece of science mean as much to me than you. I love you, my dear dear friend. I just love you <3

Sassymui8 says:

Thank you NASA, and USA for these heavenly photos.

the phantom team says:

i did a report on this and i made a model of this and it looks just like it and it can fly !!!

spirituelleOOinfo says:

hubble = fake

TheClay005 says:

is hubble can be found in bible?

Don farlan says:

space internal and external in one dimension of everything divided only with saturns type rings that seperate one from the other because given theres no confines or limits it dont matter

Tahir Rana says:

NASA is bull shit!

Lee Allen says:

Hey, Justin Franks, how does that work, complexity WITHOUT design? Just curious, because I'm 79 and never heard of that in a way that makes Kindergarten sense. But we women tend to be picky about details, so keep honoring Darwin and his godless ilk, but PLEASE DON"T try to teach anyone else your philosophy, Justin. In fact, you should try reading the many statements made by HIGHLY HONORED SCIENTISTS about their LACK of faith in Darwin. You need an electron microscope to see DNA, which poor Charles didn't have, so the amoeba he saw LOOKED very simple. The reality: Complexity greater than Greater Los Angeles, as a point of comparison. Now, tell me LA evolved into existence, Justin, just for giggles and grins. And DO NOT diss me for my gender, I have at least as much education as any of your teachers.

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