Hubble Trouble: How fast is the universe expanding?

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Cosmologists and astronomers have found a discrepancy in the Hubble constant from opposite ends of the universe. Is the Hubble constant in trouble? Learn more:


Daniel Martins says:

flat earth. Vedic cosmology…I studied this pseudo science my whole life and realized we are all bring lied to…look into flat earth and I'll give you 5grand if you can debunk the earth. show curvature, prove noon landing, etc…..all you have to do is look into real planets and real stars..they are cymatic in nature and SONO LUMINESCENT…you cannot land on it. ..we were AL Brain washed and zombified…Marc Braun the founder of NASA was a Nazi deceiver and on his tombstone he gave us some truth (psalms 19:1) the firmament (van Allen belt, dome, vault)cannot be penetrated…Eric Dubay shows us about 500 proofs and Santos Bonacci give us irrefutable truths!!

Ángel Yael Venegas says:

What are Mpc measure units? In the video says the constant is equal to 72 km/sec/Mpc.

cikif says:

Does the universe's continuous expansion have anything to do with the continuous increase of the total entropy in the universe?

Generic Username says:

The Quran says (51:47):
"And the heaven We constructed with strength, and indeed, We are [its] expander."
Another translation of the same: "And the heaven (is also a sign). We have built it with (Our) Hands (i.e., Capability) and surely We are indeed extending (it) wide."
and another translation: "With power did We construct the heaven. Verily, We are Able to extend the vastness of space thereof."

aDinoSupremacist says:

Notice you never see Young Earth Creationists doing this kind of math.

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