Hubble:Exploring the Milkyway(full documentary)HD

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NASA astronomers announced Thursday they can now predict with certainty the next major cosmic event to affect our galaxy, sun, and solar system: the titanic collision of our Milky Way galaxy with the neighboring Andromeda galaxy.

The Milky Way is destined to get a major makeover during the encounter, which is predicted to happen four billion years from now. It is likely the sun will be flung into a new region of our galaxy, but our Earth and solar system are in no danger of being destroyed.

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XHellphyreX says:

I shoot independent films with Comcast Public Access and Youtube as my outlets. Can I use some of the space footage from your clip?

Victor J. Cano says:

If dark matter has such a huge effect on bending light perhaps the cosmos is not as large and instead the path the light takes from distance stars to us is more like a pin ball ?

Victor J. Cano says:

What I find it hard to believe (although I am not saying I don't believe it) is that humans have developed technology that is capable of such incredibly fine measurements. First of all we build a craft that we send to space and send it one million miles from earth and it looks into space to the very edge of the observable universe and it is accurate enough to decipher temperature differences of .001 of 1% or temps differences of 200 millionths of a degree. Still much easier to believe than a 6,000 year earth lol

Señor Hooga says:

I used to watch nova on tv before I had Netflix Xbox etc. I love this show and I'm glad I found it! I'm such a nerd. Subscribed

ge st says:

I wish these documentaries would have one scientist speaking throughout the show instead of 20 of them each giving one or two sentences. Like on Carl Sagan's Cosmos.

Jack Olsen says:

Everything is fake

Jerrin M Joseph says:

Just to think, in our own galaxy there are billions of other solar systems', then if you go out further there are billions upon billions of other galaxies like ours that make up our universe and then maybe even billions of universes beyond that, WOW MIND FUCK

Blake Barron says:

The term 'dark matter' is misleading and taking us in the wrong direction. Dark matter is just non activated grid points, they are potentials that are non activated or realized. If we look at dark matter it becomes matter.

mattmorrow7777 says:

Buy an XT 10" Orion Telescope. Go to dark skies. See for yourself before you can not do this.

ferdinand awn says:

Hubble telescope is a fake, it cant see the moon, but can see the edge of the universe lol

Allie Pruitt says:

Its all good no matter what some may say. keep the good work going.

Stuart Hughes says:

we will never know for sure what goes on in our galaxy, what it realy is, is probably a living organism,,,

the center of the galalxy , we will never reach or know what it is..

ivtch51 says:

Very comprehensive description made easier to understand. Well done.

Keith Lavallie says:

Is their a uranus in the andromeda galaxy?

Mike* says:

i don,t think that dark matter is made out of matter at all ..but instead it could be the result of ripped space itself caused by the big bang" it could be that the very fabric of space was ripped in many places throughout the universe but these rips are in higher dimensions which is why we cannot observe it" …but the matter we can see' has settled into the cracks of these rips" and in fact these rips are the reason for the dark energy as well …space itself is being consumed by the rips falling through the cracks and the fabric of space and time and as time go,s on space is actually becoming lighter which is why dark matter or the space we see seems to be speeding up!, …i,m not exactly sure how to phrase exactly what i trying to say" i may need help from a physicist, x

Zulfiquer Ahmed Amin says:

Is space then a limitless vacuum?

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