Inside the Milky Way – Full Documentary, 720p

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A beautiful documentary, that might just teach you something about our Mily Way Galaxy.


mrdave2112 says:

This is a wonderfully put together imaginative  story and I was so glad to hear them announce at the very beginning: "We believe……..", then they told their story. And the computer generated videos and computer generated pictures were truly amazing and colorful. I would recommend this story.

Jack Malloy says:

No chance to view. is there any place in this fucking universe, where the awful shitty music do not hurt my ears? I want to make a big festival for film composers and offer free food
to all of them, with fresh plutonium cookies. fucking assholes !

Gavin Ganzorig says:

54:14 no shit!

jackin jack says:

they ain't goīng to tell you about the aliens that visit this planet

Daived Trombetta says:

the narrator is definitely related to Forrest Gump

John Doe says:

This is soooooooo fake!!

hank moody says:

so a thousand years ago a star died, and the chinese saw it imediatly? it must have taken it about another thousand years for that light to reach earth so that is unconsistent.

josh gill says:

love the visuals! I used it as a background when saying the Holy Rosary!!!

Gary O says:

Dr. Carl Segan, first one to put me to sleep, been using the Universe for that ever since.  Great for the 3 or 4 am wake ups.

Dennis Vu says:

stars jizzing their shit into the universe

spdandavate says:

This is one of the Best documentaries. Very Informative. Nice Tour. I first time understood what gravity was in terms of bending of space. I too watch it while sleeping. Now, I just go out and watch the Night Sky seeing as far as I can, Pondering how far the Universe is..Cheers

Islam is Peace says:

Allah is the creator, sustainer and Lord of ALL

mike watters says:

all this space but yet my fat wife takes up all the bed

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