Into the Unknown

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Into the Unknown tells the story of the building of NASA’s James Webb Space Telescope – a revolutionary observatory, 100 times more powerful and the scientific successor to the Hubble Telescope. Launching in late 2018, Webb will reveal a universe we have never seen before and is poised to answer questions that have intrigued us for thousands of years: How did the universe begin? Where did we come from? Are we alone? Armed with dynamic scenes of construction, fascinating conversations with scientists and engineers and stunning visuals, Into the Unknown offers an in-depth look at one of the most daring scientific missions ever attempted. A story for all ages, this film captures the wonder of the cosmos and the timeless human desire to understand our place within the universe.
The Northrop Grumman Foundation, in partnership with filmmaker Nathaniel Kahn, developed this documentary as a resource for teachers, students and space enthusiasts around the world to enjoy.


jamie marcum says:

if you do find life out there,you wouldn't be happy.then you would ask,how did it come about,where did it come from, is there more out there,and on and on, to spare no expense to tax payers. what if the life you find, doesn't want to be found, or is intelligent enough to hide from humans? or maybe it won't be willing to share the universe, or want us to have life any longer. I'm just curious.

Levan Cuthbert says:

Absolutely PHENOMENAL film! Some of the scenes gave me goosebumps. Thank you so much for creating this great piece.

tiberiu fulga says:

I'm leaving in the shadow with big hope of this mission guys. I wish you well the best and please don't prove me wrong. I want in my life time to be discover just one planet with life,and I will rest peaceful afterwards, before I will open a bottle of bubbles and cry. I wish I could be inteligent like you to be there with you to celebrate and hug you all for your work to our civilization.

Alex ander says:

So JW can only see in Infra-red? No nice real color images like Hubble?

MissingMario 3 says:

James webb telescope cost: 8.7 billion – Great achievement for humanity – Iraq war costed us $2.1 Trillion – we accomplished nothing.

supun chandra says:

20 years ago we thought we were really special, the only life to habit the universe, it took a really advanced telescope to show the universe is filled with life.

trevor philips says:

imagine all the planets they're gonna find with Webb! brings tears of joy to my eyes

ZappaBlues says:

Science works in metric. Liberia, Burma and the United States work in Imperial.

Eric Arthur blair says:

Ask Trump, he's a smart man"…And he's a genius with numbers..!!

Malcolm McGrath says:

Anyone have concerns about the Trump administration somehow compromising this project?

Dahmian John says:

Will they reveal the results?

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