James Web Telescope – Space Documentary 2018 HD

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The All-Seeing Eye says:

What will the Telescope discover?

Palsgrafs Curse says:

So am I to understand these people have spent nearly my entire adult life and more money than I can imagine building the successor to Hubble, which include incredibly sensitive instrument, all of which are designed and intended NOT make ANY images in visible wavelengths most readily appreciated for their beauty by we, the masses who paid for the damn thing. Yes. I'm positive It'll do great science, but it ought also 'go to the trouble' of inspiring wonder within the hearts and minds of the next generation? You know, the saps who will pay for the next one. It appears that the very tiny group of people who will get to play with this toy couldn't spare a place for the common man. I've long been strongly in favor of all manner of science spending (hell, I'd have built the SSC), but this pisses me right off. And if big science losses me, I can only image it has already lost most. In that case, there won't be another one, and, again, the greediest generation will have stolen from their posterity. I am hopeful that the introduction to this speech, which tried to convince me I want only infrared science, was just wrong. I don't. You can have it, but you can't have it all. If you truly did take it all, I will take to the barricades like a 19th century Frenchman. And, like him, I'll be coming for your heads.

SV Scotch'Nwater says:

edge of the universe visable/non, or maybe finally merge science and religion.

Tolga says:

This project gonna be solution for too many different problem.

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