James Webb Space Telescope Deployment In Detail

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This video shows in-depth what will happen when James Webb Space Telescope deploys after launch. For more information, see this description on our website: http://jwst.nasa.gov/faq.html#howdeploy

Download video:
http://jwst.nasa.gov/videos/JWST_2014_720p_web.wmv (67 MB .wmv)
http://jwst.nasa.gov/videos/JWST_2014_1080p_YouTube.wmv (169 MB .wmv)
http://jwst.nasa.gov/videos/JWST_2014_1080p_stsci.wmv (271 MB .wmv)
http://jwst.nasa.gov/videos/JWST_2014_1080p_2-4mbps.mp4 (92 MB .mp4)
http://jwst.nasa.gov/videos/JWST_2014_1080p_4-8mbps.mp4 (172 MB .mp4)
http://jwst.nasa.gov/videos/JWST_2014_ipad.mp4 (118.9 MB iPad .mp4)
http://jwst.nasa.gov/videos/JWST_2014_Nexus7.mp4 (132 MB Nexus 7 .mp4)


BlueShift815 says:

Did no one else expect to see a little Kerbal in the bottom right-hand corner at the beginning?

bubblinbrownsugar616 says:

😳 I'm going to be a nervous wreck when it really happens if I'm getting nervous watching this. 🤞🏾

Russian corset says:


James Harris says:

I'm sorry Hubble, but you will have to be my second favorite machine on this planet. 🙂

Ravenlord79 says:

hope it will work… not same story what happend whith hubble

Marzina Vhora says:

Great video but background music is rather annoying??

Leland Yu says:

Are those zigzag yellow lines at the end of the video the flight path for the telescope once it's in operation? Why doesn't it just fly around in one orbit, but moving around in a spring like spiral pattern? What's keeping it in such an orbit?

Brett Ryan says:

There are so many things that could go wrong.  I hope it works.

Jason Tiller says:

Amazing.  I was practically in tears watching the highly-choreographed dance the JWST will perform.  Can't wait to see it in action!

Sudip Kotal says:


Kevin Stober says:

Amazing Technology to see this becoming a reality.

John M says:

Good luck and God speed!

scottdpt12 says:

Chance of success?

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