James Webb Space Telescope Launch and Deployment

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Northrop Grumman is proud to lead the industry team building NASA’s James Webb Space Telescope. This revolutionary observatory is the largest telescope built for space and the most powerful infrared telescope ever made. It is the scientific successor to the Hubble Space Telescope. The Webb telescope will travel 1 million miles from earth and look back over 13.5 billion years, providing images of the first galaxies formed and observing unexplored planets around distant stars. The breakthrough technology developed for the Webb Telescope will expand our understanding of the universe, rewrite textbooks and inspire a future generation of engineers and scientists.

This animation captures Webb’s journey into orbit, 1 million miles away from earth, depicting the sequence of events surrounding the launch and deployment of this game changing observatory. The travel time, distance and transformation of the telescope as it deploys are included in this sequence.


Simo Häyhä says:

Imagine if something go wrong

Anthony Glen says:

It's like go baby go

Sra o says:

Whoa… if just one step fails. Hope they have backup plans.

Bobby Goets says:

Can't wait!

Cathy Ntoiri says:

1000000 miles away…. that's far

Jds 530 says:

May I ask, how did you get this information, and how did you automate this into a short movie like this

freethinker knowledge says:

wow amazing job👏👏👏👍👍👍👍👍👍👍☺

wildturkey3776 says:

Turn that bastard around and shut these damn flat earthers up for good.

Stipan Marinovic says:

Is there any backup elements onboard. Is statistically even possible to deploy such instrument without any backup elements, without failing in any stage. I am just concerned.I really hope that mission goes as planed.

biggiejackson says:

Watch and the secondary mirror won't deploy

dave b says:

cant wait, this sure beats those bush wars

ElPaisa says:

Mr President Trump, make NASA great again!

Aleš F. says:

With the first sounds, I thought it is going to be a Kerbal simulation 😀

Aerohk says:

it better don't explode

Ciucur Nadia Maria says:

what a beauty 😇

Mark Gibb says:

I wish they could make these videos without all the bullshit sweeping music and breathless drama.

eastwood brown says:

capable of taking photos of ants nutsack from REAL far away.

Sebo Tuna says:

wtf is this cgi bullshit? you morons buy this crap? No space

mrgiskard says:

That's a LOT of things that can go wrong until succesful deployment…. and unlike Hubble no one will be able to carry out repairs in it……Personally I'd wager that something will go wrong but hey best of luck to them. Complex deployment strategies like this are perhaps a sign that we have reached the limit of what we can pack into a rocket so it's tine we took in-space construction more seriously

Dindu Nuffin says:

Fuck I hope launch is problem free. Loosing this would be an international tragedy

Moritz T. says:

I know for certain that james web will change everything. This is the finest piece of equipment that has ever been built.

Stephen Bates says:

I am going to be on the edge of my seat while this deploys

mrmoo says:

Does that orbit come close enough to earth to allow people to go and maintain it or fix any fuck ups that nasa makes. The hubble space telescope had a missive problem when it arrived, really hoping they don't fuck this 1 up.

alex crowther says:

ehh even more important that they dont blow this thing up on launch now ehh boys

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