LIVE backyard astronomy The Orion Nebula- 10 inch Dobsonian telescope

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A little bit of backyard astronomy from the UK – carried out in 0 degree Celsius (32 F)
This is focused on the Orion Nebula – one of the best sights in the winter night sky

telescope Orion 10 inch dobsonian
camera ASI224mc

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Cat 5 Suspension says:

for some reason these objects become even more REAL when seeing amateur footage lol! HD hubble images seem too fantastic. now i want to learn about backyard astro

thanh thanh says:

black holes

Monkeys Of Syion says:

i had one down buy jupiter on the 5th,two shots i took of them

Monkeys Of Syion says:

about an inch or so down fading into shot? i thing i saw it,is that what you mean?

Monkeys Of Syion says:

there seems to be faces in it

Jeff Lucas says:

Amazing those stars in M42 is larger than our sun. Makes you think to see those star in such close proximity. I wonder what if we were standing on a M class planet like our own orbiting one of those stars in the Orion Nebula, what would our skies look like?

Roger Rabbit says:


William IV Borges says:

Nice Orion Nebula shots. I was using my 10-inch Dobsonian last night and got to see this as well. Amazing that the dust and gas clouds are hiding the infant stars, The center Trapezium stars are always amazing to look at.

Ellie R from the Bronx says:

Absolutely beautiful! I love Astronomy!

Mynutca says:

Что-то там пролетело, наверное нло)

thanh thanh says:

black holes or sirut A

GTO says:

I really have to buy a telescope.

Jonathan Waller says:

Amazing man!

Macho Unicorn says:

I was looking at the same thing last night!

pablo martinez says:

Amazing 👏

Samantha Johnson says:

I saw it to carol

loic legrain says:

nebuleuse d orion

carol gregerson says:

there's a UFO under the January word at 30-50 seconds in

Mario Justiniano says:

Ahhh what music is this?

lee summerville says:

Where's John Leonard Walson…?

عـمـر الشمــال says:

Really that's amazing
This thing makes me get the wind up !!

David Hack says:

What's the magnification and how big a telescope?

ShadowCooper77 says:

A new star! Or a black hole? Don't know. I am excited

Swinde says:

Where are you located on Earth?

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