Milky Way’s Head-On Collision With Andromeda Galaxy | Astronomy NASA Hubble

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Visit my website at – a time-lapse video showing the future collision of the Milky Way and Andromeda galaxies. Based on data from the Hubble telescope. Please rate and comment, thanks.
Credit: NASA


pbezunartea says:

Nice video!

xtionluver says:

i really want that to happen 2mmorrow ….. who doesn't want to witness this …. 😀

król SOBIESKI says:

I'm all depressed now 🙁

extropian314 says:

I like how every dot you see is a galaxy, not a star!

extropian314 says:

Maybe maybe not.

MsArgentana says:

It belongs to asnavas!!

ThePervertedHat says:

Well I'll dead before that happens. It's all good :3

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