NASA and the Media Admit NIBIRU is Coming! 2016-2017

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People say that if Nibiru was real, why hasn’t it been in the news. Well, it has been! Here I present news stories, articles, and presentations talking about Nibiru, Nemesis, Planet X, and NASA’s new name for the mysterious planet – “Planet 9.” NASA knows, the media knows, and your government knows. Isn’t time you got the whole story?

Don’t get scared – just get prepared!

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Hidden “Planet X” Could Orbit in Outer Solar Sysytem:
Getting WISE About Nemesis:
Astronomers say a Neptune-sized planet lurks beyond Pluto:


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Kurt Meyer geb. Pehlke - apis says:

so.. lets talk about MIR.. spacestation where US and Russians together.. so stop war on earth and make MIR –
otherwise whe take the ball out of the game..

Buckblacket says:

It needs to get a shift on…….

Daniel Seddon says:

I love the introduction bro best I've ever herd

Ace Kitty says:

Well,I still don't see whats so bad about it, Im glad we're Discovering more things. Stop Associating this new planet to Death and aliens, and bible stuff, and this "planet X is gona kill earth!" stfu Its annoying. people like you ruin Everything with ur conspiracies, no wonder we never get anywere. For you everything in life is a Consperacy, everyone is conspiring against you, eveyday, basicly what im saying is, You're insane. Sick help if you're one of this people. Science <3

Todd Essary says:

Some perspective:

26,000,000 year catastrophe cycle. 3,600 year Nemesis/Nibiru cycle. That's 7,222 'Planet X' passes in-between catastrophes. So what's going on the other 7,221 (alleged) orbits?

Also, the Oort cloud is a theory. It has not been observed or proven.

Thresh says:

So when do we celebrate the end of the world this year again pls i need to get my doomsday popcorn again.

walterk1874 says:

Wikileaks proved global warming is bull. The planets have been warming up for years. Planets. Incoming anyone.

turner7928 says:

this fixed space model is flawed; we are actually traveling through space at thousands of miles per hour in a corkscrew fashion around the sun that is also traveling at a variable trajectory and intense speed… we are not fixed waiting for a happenstance collision

memyselfandi says:

nasa and media are both freemason illuminati puppets and liars, opposite of what they say is true. theres no planets your not even on one. proove it first

Jeffery Jones says:

Wait everyone! I got a solution! Take tinfoil, and wrap your head in it!

So what are you trying to say, we're all dead? If we're all dead anyways, why does it matter if we believe in "nibiru" or not?
It doesn't. The only ploy here is a ploy for views.

Brandon Hawk says:

if it existed , or is close, why would they hide it? it'll kill us anyways..whats the secret?

Kyle Whitaker says:


Arnold Alano says:

It must be true…..I dreamt about it, coming near to our world nearly colliding but not hitting it.

Ltrain44 says:

NASA didn't put forth Planet 9. Mike Brown and Konstatin B did. NASA is just responding to the paper they published. So the title of this video is acting like NASA are the ones who put this forth. Wrong.

Thomas De Vries says:

All of this is a big lie.There will be no impact October will go over to November without any problem.
If this earth will be destroyed! It will happen by humans and there wars, not by a planet.
Trump is a devil and he is out to destroy our planet.
Sorry but you are making people scared with a myth .

NekZ Z says:

You do know NASA didnt confirm shit😂but i Can confirm NASA and and mostly the life on This Earth and included me to, laughing at you right Now till 2018! And Yes we will😂

Steve J. says:

Feb 22, 2017 update: Nasa announced the "discovery" of a brown dwarf star with 7 orbiting planets just "40 light years away from our solar system". If the mini solar system of Nibiru is entering our solar system this year or soon, everyone will be able to see it in the sky and the powers-that-be must make some kind of announcement to explain it, preferably before it's obvious. We may have just received that 60% truth-40% BS announcement today.

Andrew 222333 says:

Well Nasa took another leak and dripped some info at the lame announcement feb 22 2017. Exoplanet have been found! Wowee!! Not Nibiru but something just like it. So predictable.

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