NASA Astronomy Picture of the Day Slideshow

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Slideshow of some recent photos from NASA’s “Astronomy Picture of the Day” website. All photos and their respective credits can be found at

Music is “Lower Your Eyelids to Die With the Sun” by M83:


Daniel Appleton says:

For a person who doesn't have access to a telescope or even a pair of naval binoculars videos like this are the next best thing. Does APOD have its own channel ? I thought it did.

redshirtcasualty says:

That's good enough to make me ponder God…………….. Great job!

Kevin Tillmon says:

Dear Nasa People I love your space pictures combine with the music of deepstarship that created an eerie theme of space in other words I love it but at the same time it make us wonder that are we alone in the universe? don't be so sure when you look up the night sky every night we need an open mind that there could be alien life out there in the galaxy perhaps one day we would have a close encounter of a alien kind first contact-face to face.


Das Gesicht des Göttlichen wird da draußen in den Sternen selbst beschriftet.

knoxvilleguy2 says:

Some of these images could use a brief label, for those of us not readily familiar with astronomical phenomena at the drop of a hat. Other than that, these are great !

MrOttopants says:

How does someone dislike this?

Lucas Cantor says:

@savutay Thank you for your support. You've just inspired me to make another. Keep your eyes open…

dmzagi says:

Fell over this by accident. A Beaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaautiful video with perfect music.
Thankkkkkkk you !

Matt Harris says:

3:53 is tripy it looks like a face

melodysheep says:

Yo man this is epic. great job. and M83 to boot!

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