Nasa Astronomy Video: What’s Up for February 2017

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What to look out for in the night sky this month

Use Venus and Mars to find the Zodiacal Light, plus two comets and the brightest asteroid. Find more astronomy information and events in your area by visiting .

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Toyoko Kimura says:

Thank you, finally I understood the meaning! I was relieving NASA 's Twitter.

Trinity Bruner says:

space is awsome!!!!!!!

CAZ7890 says:

Well I guess I will be waking up on a school night

сурен манукян says:

еслибы ещё понять что она говорит

Nazmul Hassan says:

Ita hasau ni

Arlene Tognetti says:

Yea another great video!    thanks!

K.S. E.H says:

can you make this in german ? please

Manibe says:

Humans are so awesome. And this woman's voice is so cute.

Alexandre Mathieu says:

hi, this vision of the sky is only true for US? ty!

jayesh patil says:

correct I also see a bright star every evening

Magnum Mountaineer says:

I was ready for comet 45p honda on new years eve, but predictably it was cloudy. Its been cloudy literally every single night! Last night I had clear sky, went to get the telescope and soon as I got back out Into the yard…CLOUDS ROLL IN!!!! Lol, cant catch a break…

Lenore Sue Israel says:

What is the blue planet in the sky left of the sun usually around the 7:00 position ?

Darkchylde50 says:

I'm really liking these videos & I'm not even a space junky xP

Joe Morello says:

Awesome as always! 🇨🇦😊

TheCanadianBubba says:

great timing ! figured it was a planet, been seeing Venus for quite some time now… thank you !

Jaya Enterprises says:

So Very Greats

Big J says:

last night in the southern sky I seen a vary bright star that appeared to have a tail what was this

MsRobbieLou says:

Venus has been so bright and pretty this month. 🌌⛼🌒🌠💚

Daniel Meza says:

Can you grow plants on mars

ILKPJZ says:

Everything BTS is doing🙃

Vando Silva says:

eu vi a constelação do Aiolia de Leão

grabir01 says:

Cool.. thanks

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