NASA Astronomy: What s Up for November 2016

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Astronomy: This month, learn where and when to look for Venus, Jupiter and Saturn. Plus, more meteor showers to enjoy!

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Ser Ser says:

блядь..русский язык для кого придумали

Aurora Australis says:

Yes! I love learning more about astronomy!

Chloe's Channel says:

Too bad many will have cloudy skies.

Singh Amaninder says:

So….. There is no blackout from 15th?

Константин Суколенко says:

спасибо за информацию ….. очень полезна для планирования наблюдений ….

Request DTown says:

curious why the upcoming super moon phenomenon predicted on November the 14th didn't make the list? #supermoon #requestdtown

Umizoomi Cartoon Tv says:

Nice Video !
Thank !


Can you pls give me the times for england, cause Im guessing this is all for MURCA!

Kristofer I-S says:

what about the moon on the 14th

r23betts says:

no mention of the moon's perigee syzergee on Nov 14th

gssrgjfau18u says:

Is there a list somewhere?

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