NASA Astronomy: What s Up for October 2016

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NASA News: What’s Up for October?
Moon phases, International Observe the Moon night and three meteor showers. Watch this video to get sky maps showing where and when to look. For star parties and astronomy events near you, visit

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StarfurTheWolf says:

I feel like a 6 year old watching this.

Lunastarz 54 says:


Robert Denker says:

it is the 8th

Ilovescienceandspace 163335864855 says:

When she said jet propursion that made me think of the show ready jet go on pbs kids maybe that's where they got the name jet propursion from 🤔🤔🤔🤔

Một 0 Hai says:

oct 8? that is now! let's go!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yasmin AuriAzul says:

missed it by 2 1/2hrs it's 4:48am

Roe Kemp says:

This is the most sane channel I'm subscribed to

omar alexander escobar escobar says:

I love this channel but I understand some words of the video because my english is very simple

ATLANTAS loveflying thanksALLAH says:

thanks i love the sky and flying

Matchlessbord76- All about games says:

It's okay I guess….

Chandravijay Agrawal says:

it is according to which time zone

Vacation X Forever says:

October 8th 😂

Thank you 💓

Nn Nany says:

happy astronomy day

Ruby Rivera says:

I am assuming the times given for the meteor showers are in PDT?

Glenn Jenkins says:

She seems so nice! I love her voice

Daniela Cova ornelas says:

me llamo la atención el vídeo pero no le entiendo pq nose muy bien

sshironodeath toresu says:

is this gonna be a thing "Whats up" I wanna keep up with news about Space pls Im so comfortable by beeing a sub right know 🙂

Wise Bynam says:

Love her voice.

LuigiTheHeadcrab says:

omg the chicks voice is adorable

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