NASA captures the photograph of a crater similar to a “tadpole” on Mars

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SnoopDogg DoggyStyle says:

Could these be very old lava flows ? I mean, really old lava flows. That has always existed on earth. And maybe it was like that on Mars sometime. 🤔 (??)

crackerwv says:

They also captured an image of Mickey Mouse's head on Jupiter. CGI is such a wonderful thing!
NASA is nothing but a training ground for Hollywood producers. Love how they film the ISS in a buoyancy pool and hang their "satellites" on balloons. Cute! Go check it out. Research project loon. See how "satellites" are REALLY "launched."
Quite a hoot to watch, actually. Even had a few crash here and there with the balloons still attached.
NASA. Bwahaha! Like expecting Hillary Clinton to tell the truth.

Emilio Sanchez says:

That's first tadpol looks like the the ship that was taking plasma from the-sun put them side by side

Nighteam 01 says:

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short sighteddog says:

Alien Sperm cell.

Les Roberts says:

Absolutely brilliant thanks

tikabass says:

What astonishes me is that most people don't realize this is not a crater, but a plateau. It's sticking out. There are actual small craters on it, showing correct shading for a crater. Check the shade on the ridge, around the 7-8 hour mark.

Tasselhoff1007 Awakening says:

At 3:52 what is to the right of the colorized riverbed, near the top of the screen? You can see a shadow falls just behind it.

Clint Steel says:

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Skywatch says:

Great to watch, Thank you for video

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