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Explaining the Anti – Raila Groundswell in NASA, the Kalonzo Declaration of Independence and the Orengo Logic


Jeed Ali says:

Finally someone agrees that we have a crooked media and some foolish politicians

kenneth ngatia says:

It's obvious that a Raila candidature will breed fatigue and of voters since every time they vote for him he loses. There is a feeling in NASA that it's time for him to let someone else run

Peter Ndiang'ui says:

interesting ….

lyne gatibas says:

raila will negotiate with the devil if he has to,just so to get to state house!!!!! hahahahaa

Chair Mundu says:

The analysis in spot on. Uhuru basi ashike nare kabisa.

Jad Jawhary says:

oooh my i cant get enough of it awesome!

Deleted Mail says:

That's as close as you get to the truth!

nancy Kahuho says:

I love mutahi

Kevin Keegan says:

I really like your content guys, spot on with your analysis

Samuel Francis says:

what else do we need to be told…..Tru

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