NASA Just Found Evidence of Massive Water Plumes on Jupiter’s Moon Europa

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Evidence of massive water plumes on Jupiter moon Europa boosts hopes for finding alien life.

A new look at old data is giving scientists a fresh reason to view Europa, a moon of Jupiter, as a leading candidate in the search for life beyond Earth, with evidence of water plumes shooting into space.

A bend in Europa’s magnetic field observed by NASA’s Galileo spacecraft during a 1998 flyby appears to have been caused by a geyser gushing through its frozen crust from a subsurface ocean, researchers who re-examined the Galileo data reported.

Galileo was passing about 200 kilometres above Europa’s surface when it apparently flew through the plume.

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Im gonna need NASA to get their asses back out there in space, or wherever it is they be, doing what they do, and get TF away from Yellowstone

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those are electrical discharges

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What’s the point of water when there’s no oxygen!?😂

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If NASA find a water plumes or a real planet out there,They will never let the world know.Im rdy to go somewhere remote & learn Kung Fu for awhile:-)

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Those are not plumes. They are plasma discharges. See, The Electric Universe and ThunderboltsProject

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There’s shit living at the bottom of the ocean, there is shit living on the surface, so its 99% correct that their is shit living in space

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Missions to this moon can't come sooner…

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