NASA: The Phases of the Moon 2015 : 4K UltraHD / NASA Astronomy Magazine Space Videos

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The Phases of the Moon for 2015
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Fantastic Nasa Space Video:
ULTRA HD 4K video showing the phases of the moon for 2015
Enjoy this free video showing the best space and astronomy images.


Steve l says:

Wow! Thank you for this video. Really helps!!

Norman Holt says:

I wanna go.

Phreshnis says:

do they have a version without all the diagrams, and names of craters popping up?

Yoshito Ikenoue says:

How wonderful!  Very great!

Maxwell Damian says:

wooow woooow

Crazy Guy says:

Amazing! Beautiful view.. O_O

Cat Buster says:

Incredible view

Joey Schmidt Audio Productions says:

This is brilliant, but is there a version without the names of the craters over the surface?

Space Videos says:

Keep an eye on the Moon in 2015:
Ultra HD / 4K Video showing the Lunar Phases for 2015
Created from over 9000 individual images (some 80 gig of data). This wonderful video shows the moon in glorious detail as well as other information relating to it position etc through this year.

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