NASA | Tour of the Moon

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Although the moon has remained largely unchanged during human history, our understanding of it and how it has evolved over time has evolved dramatically. Thanks to new measurements, we have new and unprecedented views of its surface, along with new insight into how it and other rocky planets in our solar system came to look the way they do. See some of the sights and learn more about the moon here!

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Habibi46611 says:

Faszinierende Bilder!

Frankie Lymon says:

Wonderful pictures!

prof ayhan says:

We can join the space council to help.

prof ayhan says:

We are not alone in space

prof ayhan says:

we are waiting Space council.

prof ayhan says:

dont say nasa for moon back side.

why why why

we want reel ufo for word people.

Ralph Bolzonaro says:

There are any advantage to put an telescope such as Hubble on Moon´s surface?

Simon Wright says:

And partial eclipses

Simon Wright says:

Eclipses mean that the sun shines on the whole of the moon.

John H says:

y r all the craters round,none of them elongated,has every single asteroid hit it straight on,just doesn't seem right

baharrud din says:

i guest the moon has ozon like earth…because on the surface of the moon has proved contains water…i believe on the moon similar like earth…its not only desert,sand n stone…its might be computer manipulation to hiding the real moon face…

Juan Carlos Ocampo says:

Extrordinary is Ecellts. Congreatturetions,

God says:

We need Google Street View there

Soayab Alam says:

What things look on the surface of moon. What posible live there living beings?

Matti Suutarinen says:

You cant see any stars from the moon or in space with bare eyes according to neil armstrong!

31gazza31 gofast says:

why do all the craters look like they formed from a 90 degree hit?
where are the 45 degree hits?

Harry Andruschak says:

Attention anti-NASA conspiraturds. I do not have any respect whatsoever for you, nor for anything you have to say. I will not engage in pointless discussions with you, nor answering any of your spamming questions. Stop pretending you are serious persons. You are only pseudo-religious and pseudo-scientific trolls.

amolfoto says:

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Ronald Hayek says:

Its a Electrical Universe. Electric Geology has scared every planet we see. The Sun effects our weather every day electrically.

Freddy Crabs says:

i want to live here hahaha

Moon Brown says:

its 2017 when will we have color pictures of the moon

Ιωνάς ο Αθηναίος says:

Η Πελασγικη σεληνη

power of movie world and more videos says:

moon brightness is soo much

shouji takano says:

NASA Goddard Would you please teach me about my three questions ?
1. There are a few thousand of photos of The Moon Landings. Among them, several pictures of the sun located near the horizon of the moon. Also the pictures of long shadows appearing. To say, the sun is shining a considerable area on the back side of the moon. A question arises there. Why not did the CM take pictures of them?
2. Not only NASA and the Astronauts worried about the radiation level on the moon surface, but the people all of the world also.
So why is there no accurate data of the radiation on the moon surface , in spite of 6 times of the Moon Landings ?
3. When the ascent stage of Apollo 11 take off on the moon surface, it did the Docking with CM without just one lap of the moon's orbit. In due course, it needs to do that around 40 laps of orbit. So how could such a technology be possible ? Would you please ?

butchtropic says:

@NASA Goddard, amazing stuff, thanks!.

Lezmizerablez Pagadian says:

So many craters yet no evidence of rocks or meteor rock on it? im sorry i knew nothing about space science. Just asking

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