NASA : What s Up for August 2016 – Astronomy Video – What to look out for in the night sky

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Chris B says:

Tonight I'm seeing what I think is Mercury, Jupiter and Venus in a perfect triangular formation. To the west, right of the moon (location Cardiff South Wales UK), no one seems to mention the triangular formation, and the brightness of them. I'm aware it's probably location specific, but it looks fantastic.

Its Gio says:

space videos can I ask a question?

Y-chromosome says:

My birthday on 14 August… Hurry

HakuFX says:


mary howell says:

Awesome video!! My grandchildren will be pleased with this. Love your videos. Especially these ones. Keep them coming ,we're snatching! Have a good day !!!

Fs0cI3ty says:

I won't be able to see most of these ):

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