NASA’s First Chief Astronomer, the Mother of Hubble

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In a time when women were discouraged from studying math and science, Nancy Grace Roman became a research astronomer and the first Chief of Astronomy at NASA. Known today as the “Mother of Hubble,” she was instrumental in taking the Hubble Space Telescope from an idea to reality and establishing NASA’s program of space-based astronomical observatories. Celebrate International Day of Women and Girls in Science by listening to more of her story.

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Credit: NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center/Katrina Jackson

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KingTater says:

This stinks of pc culture but that aside, women aren't exactly a majority in the stem fields and that's by their own choice. Now, that's a fact, whether people(read angry feminists) like it or not.


NASA even spreads the gender pay gap myth…. lmao. How the fuck did you manage that one eh?

Tommy simonsen says:

I bet if she was younger, she would have been a grid girl.

Sinister Puppy says:

I can only imagine she's so excited her child is still in the stars giving us beautiful images. Thank you Nancy 😀

SEGUNDO Perez says:


shubus says:

It is a shame so very few people know of Nancy's role in bringing Hubble about. This video should help.

Esmerald Dedushaj says:

That's fantastic.

Shreem says:

But wait I though ALL women were oppressed for the past 12 billion years, how could she possibly have been the first Chief of Astronomy at NASA with all of the woman hating misogyny????

cn 250 says:

Old mother hubble

Hjordis Torfa says:

Beautiful share dear NASA 💖 the Hubble has always been my Hero This is wonderful to finally know the correct truth about how it came about.. Bravo Nancy grand outstanding work 💕👍😊💖💕

tommy i-opener says:

I love you Nancy😋 please tell the flat earthers that earth is round.

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