Nasa’s Mars Discovery: Agency discovers organic matter on planet

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If you’re a little sceptical about life on Mars, NASA just provided a little more evidence, with two new studies showing signs of organic matter on the Red Planet. So maybe we’re not on our own – after all… Usmaan Lone reports.


Al Chap says:

For NASA propaganda to support their going to Mars.

Americans want NASA to spend more time on Earth.

Robb403 says:

This is why you should never take a dump just anywhere when you are camping. You never know who might dig it up………

Larry Courtney says:

how do you even know that this picture is Mars kind of looks like the desert modified in the United States to me could be fake stuff

Larry Courtney says:

quit talking about it show us what you found fake news I think a lot of people would be upset if they knew how much money that the government spent billions on the stuff and they could have fixed our planet or help people in need

Stef C. says:

click bait 🙁 Way to go TRT!

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