Nebulas HD 1080p

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Nebulas HD 1080p
Nebulas are amazing regions of space, where old stars die and new ones are born. Astronomers reveal the techniques and technology used to capture the details and wonder of these distant objects, many of which are too far away to be seen by the naked eye.


mhammed ismaili says:

He said that we are living in the perfect time to see the most relevant changes of the Universe… my question is : Are we still talking about this coincidence of the creation of the universe ? Everything is appropriated to have a perfect life for human… is it a coincidence ?

Pepe The frog says:

If there was a nebula with only oxygen could you breathe in it??

Brendon Walton says:

If you look at these beautiful images and can't see that there must be a creator then I don't know. God is good and very creative, worthy of praise and searching our hearts for.

LEO Messi says:

where's the 1080p you scamming son of a bitch

Stoney Lonsome says:

The way they move you around through that model of the nebula is cool but- not very realistic. To have that kind of view you would have to travel at unbelievable speeds and cover vast distances in very little time. When you're inside something that much larger than you, moving doesn't change your perspective very much. If you notice when you're going down the road in your car the trees on the side of the road look like they are whipping past you, but those on out in the forest seem to move by much slower. The same concept applies here- if you were inside that configuration you could move thousands of miles and everything around you would appear to stay right where it was because it's so far away from you.

Donna S says:

Oooo,God is real,he made science wonderfully,magnificently!

Philippe Fortin says:

This can be viewed in HD if you select it in the Settings tab.

Devin Gomish says:

It's insane that we cannot visualize their size, we have no way to relate it to anything

l ACTIVATE l says:


scr34m1ng says:

2:20 his voice lol

ulmarda senpai says:

sa ben jahrein nebulayı ver

Michael Alexander Neumann Jaks says:

….and this are just the begining of our discoveries!!

michael dell says:

The universe is made of electrons, protons, neutrons & 120 morons who did not like this vid…. ;0)

Liesbeth E says:

And you still don't believe in Gód???? I hope to fly right through the lot, all nebulah
with Jesus my Saviour. Not because i am more than you, but because i believe
HIM, Who created it all. Now you could too, just ask Jesus to come and LIVE IN
your heart and forgive you ALL, while YOU álso forgive ALL. Just let it gó,
so you can go WITH HIM. Bless you!
ps He called it into being from nóthing.

Care Kath says:

I don't know why but nebulas fucking scare me

Gandalf 1618 says:

In astronomy, emission nebulae are clouds of ionized gas in the interstellar medium that absorb light from a nearby hot star and re-emit the form of varied colors at lower energies.
Ionization is generally produced by high-energy photons emitted by a young, hot star in the vicinity; eg UV radiation of an OB-type star. Usually, a young star will ionize part of the cloud has generated, but only the massive and hot stars can provide the amount of energy required to ionize a significant part of an interstellar cloud. Often, a whole cluster of young stars does the work. This ionization heats the surrounding interstellar medium; the typical temperature is around 10 000 K but depends on the composition and density of the medium.

Color nebulae depends on their chemical composition and the intensity of their ionization. Many emission nebulae are predominantly red, the color of the stripe of alpha hydrogen at 656.3 nm wavelength, due to the strong presence of hydrogen in interstellar gas and its potential for relatively low ionization. If the ionization is more intense, other elements can be ionized nebulae and can emit not only in other shades of red (sulfur II at 671.9 and 673.0 nm) but also in the green (oxygen III at 495.9 and 500.7 nm) and blue (hydrogen beta 486.1 nm). Thus, by examining the spectrum of nebulae, astronomers can deduce their chemical composition. Most emission nebulae are formed of about 90% hydrogen, the balance being helium, oxygen, nitrogen and other elements.

William Baker says:

made for morons

jeremy robinsonartist says:

Too many TV documentaries try to dumb-down science too much.

Mateusz M says:

My mom is Nebula xD

gaz lanham says:

piss off idiot shit here

Flypurplecat says:

Hate analogies and they insist on using them.

Vincent Verne says:

I found it a bit too nebulous.

Flypurplecat says:

Would be nice if scientists (and narrators) could agree on the plural of nebula…..nebulae is the Latin that most scientists use but "nebulas" is used here a lot, so I guess it is whatever you prefer.

david84961 says:

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