New Eyes on Space: James Webb Space Telescope

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The James Webb Space Telescope will continue to revolutionize our study of the cosmos. Slated for launch in late 2018, Webb will look deeper than either the Hubble or Spitzer Space Telescopes at infrared wavelengths. This talk will describe Webb as a whole, with a focus on the Mid-Infrared Instrument —— a partnership between JPL and a consortium of European astronomical institutes.

Speaker: Michael Ressler U.S. MIRI Project Scientist, JPL


Aerohk says:

Thank you Northrop Grumman for designing the telescope. Can't wait to see what NASA will discover with this most advanced telescope in the universe as we know it.

Ben Portes says:

I hope JWST is functional in space of studying the cosmos

Ing. Lukáš Divina says:

I´m sure that will is support for new discover in the space.

guitar81sb says:

Great talk! Thanks

Saleem Says says:

Please don't screw up the JWST launch it would be a gigantic setback

stone8man says:

No matter what im told, mainly the fact the universe is expanding uniformly in all directions from a single source I still have a hard time believing in the Big Bang I trust my intuition better than half truths, it just sounds actually too much like a religious idea anyway I would rather we be the gods and achieve great things and stop wasting time with the hallelujah man.

Larrythebassman says:

Fine … Fine just thought I'd check

Ricardo Becerra says:

Fun talk, also awaiting anxiously!

Johnnie says:

A great talk for this brilliant instrument. I hate hearing that it's a replacement for Hubble, it's more like a compliment to Hubble and all telescopes – right up to Galileo's. I try to comprehend the complexity of the design and build of the JWST and in theory it seems impossible that it could ever be built. Projects like these are products of the humankind's imagination and it proves we can do anything. So everytime you drive by a school of any kind, it's comforting to know that these are the 'factories of enlightenment' for the benefit of our species as a whole. Thank you to ALL teachers, because without you, who would educate the minds of the future. Thank you.

Larrythebassman says:

Excellent… the 6 months of terror 😋🍿🍿🍿🍿get your popcorn and enjoy the Show Im certain you cats are smart enough to successfully launch and deployed the bird can't wait to see the photos anyway to get a live stream sent to my email🍷🍷🍷😋💥cheers

Cabrio Driving In The Alps says:

Super presentation, big thank you NASA for that. So not only some nice videos with music, but also knowledge for the masses.

CDubRealTalk says:

where is the 24 hour live feed camera of earth? Or the moon? Its available for the sun, why not the earth? Cant get out? Ya we know

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