New Frontiers in Astronomy: Hubble and Beyond

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Google TechTalks
April 11, 2006

Alberto Conti
Carol Christian

A revolution is now underway in Astronomy and Astrophysics. The next decade will witness the completion of massive, wide-area, multicolor imaging and spectroscopic surveys of the local and distant Universe.

With its strong legacy of public outreach, Hubble’s Space Telescope Science Institute (STScI) has been responsible for how most of the world views our universe. We recognize that, given the coming flood of information, the next step of this task is to allow users to actively explore the cosmos themselves. In this talk we hope to show some of the potential explorations of this wealth of data to help us all better…


Virgil White says:

again, thats theoretical knowledge

Serious GTA says:

@HmsSulaco Amen brother!

HmsSulaco says:

Just keep god out of Science – Thank´s…

jarvijammer says:

kind of answered that yourself i`d say.

mattb521 says:

"Keep in mind that these laws of physics known or unknown are not mere accident or created by some dumb matter or space acting in certain ways but are the result of the infinite wisdom and art of the creator of all things the almighty God. Don't let anyone tell you otherwise. No matter how smart the dumb matter or the dumb space is it can never create this universe from nothing period. Denying the existence of God is No-Science it's a denial of absolute truth!"

No one said it came from nothing.

Etimespace says:

I can explain everything with one power. That power is pressure.

Space dont expanding or bend.

Atoms nuclear expanding all time and expanding nuclear open energywawes where is expanding electrons and expanding photons.

Check it out my video

No Gravity

Idea from Kuopio is a video where i told how visible Universe really MOVES

Thank ýou for you already

If you can, lets told that for Stephen Hawking and Neal Adams

Luxeden Divine says:

What about parallel universes can we say the same God of our universe created them?

Nagarjun Roy says:

So if God created these universal laws he is also bound to the laws, else they won't be laws. So if the god is bound to these laws how is he almighty? Just wondering.

Ichinin says:

10 petabytes? Will probably fit on a USB memory stick in 10-20 years.

Ian Cussick says:

Check out: "Space Night" from Bavarian TV…for the music.

Dave Parrish says:

Excellent summary of astronomy observational data stores that are available to all

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