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Sydney Sullivan says:

The reason they are spraying IS because the USA, USSR, Red China and others between 1947 and 1963 blew away the Planet's Ozone Layer into outer space with their Thermo-Nuclear Explosions.  That's why they made the Tests Ban Treaty of 1963, when the military and egg heads figured out the damage they had done.  It was Edward Teller, the Father of the H-Bomb that pioneered the Geo-Engineering behind the Chemtrails.  It is a SECRET Internationally funded program "for the good of the Volk"; to slow down and retard the Global Warming/climate changes that would otherwise take place.  The Aluminum particulate matter the unmarked tanker jets dispense into the Stratosphere reflects the Ultraviolet and heat radiations of the Sun back into outer space.  Don't buy the Big Lie that it's WE the Sheeple and our auto exhausts/pollutions that are responsible.  It's these Governments that are responsible!  That's why we have two giant holes in the Ozone at both Poles!  Don't believe me?  Google it yourselves.  Between this and Fukushima we are all collectively screwed!  Truly Yours,   Lieutenant Commander John Sullivan, USNR

Migdivided says:

WTF, why do you title something like this saying why they have chem sprayed, when in this entire video you do not explain anything about the chem trails. You do this shit all of the time. All you do is talk about the same shit over and over again… stop leading people on with false titles or I'm going to report you to YouTube and have you shut down… You make great videos and I appreciate it but you need to stop misleading us with fake titles.
thank you sir.
and god bless you.

Vanessa Morehead says:

book of Revelation is where the true answer is

TL Clark says:

The Government's are spraying barium and strontium which makes the atmosphere superconductive the reason for this is that anybody on the surface during the passage when this planet passes will be wiped out completely. This completely ensures that the trillions that they stolen they will never be held accountable for.

Ana Q says:

cant see anything. Too small. Thanks for trying.


space live news Email me please

Colt Williams says:

Are you f** kidding me withis 72 hour warning for the 73 time this year will you guys get today or last week or at LEAST this years info , everyone is going to die , the government is hiding nibiru and NASA is a bunch of liers !!!!! WE ALREADY KNOW THIS , would it hurt you to try and find out approximately when it might happen for shore ,DAMM

Maybelin Vogue says:

u r just paranoid…have a beer

jack hill says:

more nibiru hoax horse shit nobody is " spraying " anything in our skys! Ever hear of CONTRAILS moron ?!!

sha'vey Johnson says:

did you really just use a clip of a neutron star to simulate niburu??

20 10 says:

Matt you got a website or somewhere I can send you stuff

Shari Gavreel says:

Well, they stopped spraying the skies. move on

Rachel Merry says:

your webcam footage is real small. hard to see!

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