Physics and Astronomy Research Lecture – Associate Professor Orsola De Marco – Macquarie University

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Science Research Lecture Series: Discover What We’re Discovering. This lecture is about planetary nebulae which provide some of the most beautiful cosmic displays and are currently taught as gas ejected by dying intermediate mass stars. However, their beautiful shapes tell us that this picture is too simplistic and may even be wrong. An alternative theory is that these nebulae are ejected when two stars interact with one another, where the gravitational field shapes the gas ejection. Associate Professor Orsola De Marco presents logical reasons and an observational campaign that support this theory.


Sparkling-icetea says:

She's so smart it's scary

Harry Bonkers says:

Earth is flat and geocentric.

Stephen Krisocki says:

The radius of a white dwarf is about 0.01 solar radius, not 0.001.

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