Re-analyzing Old Data Reveals New Evidence at Europa

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New science, mined from the archives. Data from NASA Galileo orbiter launched a generation ago yields new evidence of plumes, eruptions of water vapor, from Jupiter’s moon Europa.


M N says:

Everyone calm down! Donald Trump will build a great big beautiful bridge to Europa!

…and Fortune cookies are fake news!!

Dude Reverse says:

How did this get any dislikes?

Dude Reverse says:

Europa is my fav moon

Z lives matter says:

Circle Uranus looking for Klingons 💩💩💩

Taariq M-Star 616 says:

Not at all "gaseous plumes" but field aligned (plasma) currents being induced between Jupiter and it's moons and between Jupiter and the Sun.

metal wellington says:

Dumb like a moose

Listoric says:

This is just beyond amazing. Let's hope for the best.

Alexandre Lollini says:

Even without any new technique; it helps to know what you are looking for. Hypothesis are made for that.

Not Michael Jordan says:

Yeah I’m the evidence. Come save me! I’m stuck here guys. And I’m all out of potatoes.

The Exoplanets Channel says:

let's send a robot there to drill into the ice!

Equencawacha says:

Mmmm….. plume tasting

stefanpwinc says:

Animators: it seems you accidentally animated the inner 3 moons to have a 16:4:1 resonance instead of the proper 4:2:1 resonance

Rat 1 says:

So when are we going and drilling into the ice ?

fanjapanischermusik says:

get ready to smell alien farts

MaximusPayne says:

We are all waiting for you guys to finally send a probe down there. All this talk about "there must be life" is repetitive.
It's fine, we already know there's a good chance, now go out there and check, please.

JiangHua PhD says:

In fact we Chinese already have electric rover on Europa, and it's my thinking that foreigner country very jealousy we because Chinese rich culture and beauty very much for. also for the moon, China have bigger flag and moon also for we Chinese. our president Daddy Xi promise we Chinese that solar system is china and foreigner haven't understand we Chinese culture. now on TV have the live feed from Europa and only china can see. It's normal.

Knight Blackni says:

just remember there also the moon Enceladus in Saturn's orbit which we also discovered similar conditions like the plumes and underwater ocean.

Higgs Bonbon says:

ey bby lemme sniff ur plume

Peashooter Winmo says:

420th like.

Milky Wayan says:

Put a microscope on the spacecraft and we can search for life without ever having to drill through the ice

The 25th Psychonaut says:

Where is the video of the official announcement?

Thought Provoking says:

Good to see a factual white sun, instead of a fictitious yellow sun of flat earthers 👍

верёвкин благородный says:

Very good intent! There definitely may be evidence of life. Of Other life.
But high radiation level from big Daddy Jup…

Raymond K Petry says:

…so—how does this translate to the proba-possiblity of planet, M'Astrus, being small but bigger like M'Ares than Europa and deep oceans like Europa and more atmosphere like a sub-mini-gas-planet-on-the-edge-of-the-frost-line… and by the twinning rules I propound therefor M'Ares too, had an ocean and a super-atmosphere, (last-gasp within 200 Mya)…

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